Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mommy's Birthday!!!

Aug. 1, 2007
Its my birthday and I decided to treat Jea to a day of fun and adventures, so we went to Fun Ranch. I've always wanted to bring her there since I too is so curious about the place. All I know is that its like a mini amusement/ mall that kids will love. We went with Nangnang Pau and Mama. As soon as we entered the establishement, Jea run and explored the surroundings, there are musical instruments, slides, carousel and many other things that children would be so amazed. We ate at a pasta place, I forgot the name. The food was great and there are little tables and chairs for children to color some illustrations. Too bad, the crayons are sub standard, you wont even see color as you write it down, just a very light tint of it. So we ordered pasta and pizza, both are so good. The waiters serves the water in a crystal goblet that made us so jumpy that Jea might break it. But, the very well trained baby, ate pizza and drank the softdrink with ease, without breaking the glass and without making any mess. She would occassionally stare outside whenefer the stuffed wallking animals would pass by.

After eating, we went straight to the carousel, at first I thought she already overcome her fears since I seated her on the hore without hesitation. But, as soon as the carousel moved round and round her, she hold on to me tighter and tighter until she cried and went to me to carry her. She's still afraid, but at least she tried.
Then we went to the other shops, roam around and crossed the hanging bridge. Jea wasnt afraid at all, the height didnt bother her at all not even when the bridge moved. On the other hand, Mama was too afraid to cross, but when she saw Jea did it, she went to go for it, she managed to cross but we can see that she's terrified.
We also, rode the train around the ranch, Jea like the train trip, she waved and blow kisses to mama and nangnang as we pass them by. Then, it started to drizzle, she didnt mind.. she just said.."mommy, raining!" with a giggle at the end. After the train, we went to the video center, she didnt looked at the other machines, but on our way out she saw this machine that has a pretty character that talks. She stayed there as if, she is actually controlling the buttons. The game is to change the dress of the characters and she like it so much. Baby pa lang "fashionista na!"

Here are some of our photos: