Friday, April 25, 2008

Preschool Hunt the Conclusion

Im on my way to Robinsons Pioneer on the MRT, when i saw the banner of a preschool. I was suppose to meet Owie for lunch and its was only 11am. So I went to visit the Preschool, the name is Kiddo Academy, inside GA Tower at Edsa cor Boni Ave. Mandaluyong. I was looking for a playschool that accepts once a week session only. So when I got it in im instantly impressed with the facilities. Its is very spacious, clean and complete with all the education toys. Its the biggest ive seen so far. The play equipment are the same as gymboree's and there are 4 classrooms for each level. An AVR with 3 computers a huge TV and a stage where the kids can do thier circles and performances. There is a huge playroom with all the make pretend play, its a village that has a hospital, restaurant, beauty salon, groceries and even gas station. Just like dave's fun house in malls. All toys are safe for children. In my head I can already imagine that Jea would love it here.

So I went to the office and inquired on how much it will cost. Teacher Jo is very accomodating and showed me around. She also briefly discussed on the curricilum of the children. In the office I already saw the CCTV Monitor, and again I was impressed. Of all the schools Ive been through, most are so expensive. None has CCTV cameras in every room, what's even better is that when you enrolled your kid you are also given a software and password where you can watch your child from the internet.

The best part is the fee. Its still on 20% discount. The tuition that should have been around 60k is now at 39k for 3x a week. So my initial plan of once a week is now on a 3x week session. They also have an intensive program where you can leave the child form 8am to 6pm. This is really the best solution. Since my problem is nobody will be able to fetch her after class, sending her to school for a full day is the best solution. Of course i took into consideration that she will be so tired if its a full day, but I realized it is still better to leave my daughter to a professional (teacher and nurse) all day where she can learn, than to leave to a yaya.

So there my hunt for a preschool has come to an end. Ive decided to enroll her at Kiddo Academy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Preschool Dilema

I plan to enroll Jea for school this year she will be 3 by June so I thought its the right age to start. Although I planned this a long time ago, I saved up a little since I know its going to be expensive. I also try to train Jea into studying, to schedule a definite time for studying and making it fun for her so that she will not be shocked. I always tell her that she will soon go to school and she will meet a lot of friends. That there will be lots of toys and play. So I thought im already ready for it.

But, im wrong. I should have researched earlier. I should have visited the schools earlier. There are a lot of things that I didnt consider.

1. I thought there will be good school near our place. There are a lot of schools around, being in the university belt area, but this schools are all traditional and some i really dont trust. Even the facilities are not good enough or clean enough. Id like Jea to start in a Progressive school so that it will be more fun.

2. Although i saved up, i was still shock to know the rate of the fees for preschool. Its as if i will be paying for medschool already. But since im leaving my job now, transfering to another. All my tax incurred in my last work, will be refunded. I just hope i get it before school starts.

3. Since i already learned that there is no good schools in our area. I have to resort to finding school in the not so near area. Here came another problem. Transportaion. Who will bring and fetch Jea to school. I can ask my ever reliable father to do this but I believe he wouldnt agree in sending Jea to a far and expesnive school.

So here are my options:

1. I can just send Jea to the Traditional school nearby and spend 1/4 of th expense.
And just think that its going to be ok. Hay... im really scared that this will do more harm than good to her.

2. Another option is to send her for tutorial for kumon, 3x a week then enroll her to a play school for once a week session only. This way, she gets the theorethical schooling, where she will learn Reading and she also gets to play with other kids in the playschool. This solves the transportation problem since there is a Kumon center very near our place. An I can join her on wwekend for play school.
But when I computed the cost, this will also amount in the same cost as sending her to a good preschool far away.

3. To send her to a good far away preschool. My choices are Toddlers Unlimited, and clay and Potter. I know I should look for other schools pa, but for now this are my options. The cost would just be higher than my expected budget, and transpo is really a problem but I really want her to go to a goodschool. She is too intelligent to be going to am "ok" school. She is great and deserves a great school too.

I really dont know what to do. I think I can raise money for a "great school" but i really cant do anything about the transportation.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Money Matters

We went to Festival Mall last weekend with Tita Wena. Jea got herself some new clothes and other stuff. In short, I spent a lot. I didnt realize that I still have to pay Mama Php 2000. So when I went to withdraw money. All I have left is PHp 950. So I emptied my bank account and gave the Php 900 to mama.

When I got home I told Jea to eat rice so that she not drink so much milk. She still wont eat rice. So she did was she drink ice tea first in the bottle and then she drink 2 bottles of milk after. This morning, 2 days after. Mama gave her some coins to buy candies, she immediately handed it over to me and told me "mommy oh.. pambili mo milk" I laughed and refused to take it, I said its ok, we already bought a new can of milk. she will not run out of milk. She insisted to give me the mommy, she said, its ok mommy, you can have it.... may pera pa nman ako eh.. Again, I refused it, and said. I already have money, but she insist for me to get it. So I said, ok lets share. I got some, and I left her some.

when i was about to leave for work, I told her to come with me downstairs so that she can buy her candies. But she said, no im keeping it to buy cologne. I run out of cologne already. Its ok mommy, I still have money.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Chef Sheffy Adventures!

It was last weekend when Jea and Nang Nang Pau played, they are pretending to cook. When she asked Jea's name she said, she is not Jea, her name is Chef Sheffy.. so nang nang played along. She then asked what is she cooking, what's her specialty, she said Aff-afelea..what is it? its a fish dish, maybe grilled or pan fried, she's acting like it. She uses the pillow as her cook top and her hands as the utensils. She would occationally say, masunog na! baliktad na! (its going to burn, we have to cook the other side). Then pretends to put salt or soysauce. We pretended to be customers, we ordered some food. We bombarded her with orders. Later on, she pretendded that her Restaurant is already closing and we cannot make orders anymore. So we asked whats the name of her Rasturant we will just go back tomorrow so that we can order again. She said the name of her restaurant is "Alsheffshevy" very nice no? Very Creative. Alsheffshevy by Chef Sheffy. The we asked her, what time will she open, Nang nagn whispered, 6 a.m. She answered 6:11, we all laughed.

Two nights after, i tried to call her, Chef sheffy again, then she pretended to be Chef Sheffy, I oredered for chicken, she said she doesnt have any, I ordered for Pork she said its not available. So I asked her if I can order "Take Out" and she said ok. So I asked for fish again, and she said its all gone. It closing time already. So I asked her what can I order. She said, all she has are apples, big, big apples. So I ordered apple. She even gave me one for free so that I can bring it home for Jea. She will even give me discount. I asked how much does it cost and she said its Php208, but since she will give me discount she will give back Php200. What a nice deal. I only paid for Php8, and i even got another one for free. Then she said she will close the reasturant and called for Pink Bear to look after it while she goes home. She then when home with me. When we got home, she called Mommy mmy, and I said, your not Jea diba? you are Chef Sheffy. She replied yes, im Chef Sheffy, and Jea is "pink bear" pointing at the stuff toy, but Jea is her sister and Im their mommy. No wonder I got a good deal. It turns out, she is my daughter and Jea is her sister.... Nice.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweet Nothings

These are just few of what Jea loves to say to me....

Lab na Lab kita Mommy!!!

Love you Mommy!!!

Mahal na Mahal kita Mommy!!!

San ka galing? Miss na kita eh...

Dito ka lng mommy.. tabi tyo... ma miss kita eh..

Gusto ko kay Mommy eh...