Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy Moment- Bonding Time

mommy moments

beautiful eyes?!?!

Payat ko pa dito!!!! Wahhh.. click to zoom in!

I made a rule that every Saturday will be J & J Adventure, we spend all day together just the 2 of us. Either we go to the mall or our favorite place Kids Ahoy. We bond while learning to dance the hula, toddler art, or in ther events. I am lookin forward to tomorrows even Music and Arts Festival. Join us, it will be fun!

Sorry, this are old pictures, I wanted to put some of the recent pictures but I always forget to post mommy moment when I'm at home. I am posting this entry from the office, hahaha... all I have in my flash drive are old pictures, hope you like it. This photos was taken in Canyon Woods Tagaytay in one of our out of town-resort escapade. Then the last one is taken on a birthday celebration of my cousin. The rst is taken from Kids Ahoy site.

Chat and booksale

I am trying to market my sweetytots-booksale, tomorrow I will be going to a bazzar wher I wil try my best to sell all those books. I am aslo visitng as much blogs as I can to market the books. Now, I also frequent chatting rooms such as Free Tattoo Chat to meet lots of people, I might be able to sell some for them too. I am not a fan of tatoos, because I think it really hurts to get one. I can try the non-hurting tatoos like hena. I tried that once, back in high school and my father scolded me for it.

No matter how I try to hide it unfer my chunky watch he still saw it. It lasted for three days and 3 days is enough to torture me, by hearing non stop I should not do this ever again. It is funny to remember it now, but I was really scared back then. I would not let my daughter get a real tatoo, but I find glitter tatoo cute. I also like face painting, she got 2 last haloween on different events. She like it too and she chose a really cute design for her face. She was very beahve when the artist is painting it on her face, she got so excited when she saw herself in the mirror. She just can't wait to show it off to her cousins.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Straight A's Again!!!!

Yesterday, I panicked because I didn't know that I was to pick up little J's report card last Saturday. Teacher Liza called me in the office and reminded me about it. She said little J has a lower grade this time because she always fail to do her homework. I felt so guilty, I know I am to blame, because I am always too tired to check if she does have an assignment. I don't sit with her and review for quizzes either. I am such a lousy mom in this sense. I think I focus more on how to provide for her, since Im a single mom. Earning enough is my top priority. That's why I have too much work to do. As an architect I am working on 2 Projects right now, A nail spa and a Bus/Heavy Equipment showroom, and this is still different from my work in the office. Then there is sweetytots-booksale, and internet shop/marketing is not enough for me I joined in a bazzar. Since my mom is in the US I also manage the house too, budget, bills, groceries. Then I still do paid blogging. So I am an Architect, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a housekeeper, a mom/a dad, all at the same time. I am guilty for taking the role of a "dad" too much, being the sole provider for my daughter, that I usually tends to forget on how to be a mom. I shower her with gifts, with toys but fail to spend quality time with her. We'll even though I have all this failures I am so happy and proud that she still got

Straight A's

as grade. She's smart and doesn't need much help on studying. You might be wondering why the teacher told me she got lower grades, she got A- in Writing it used to be A. But She got higher grades in 4 of her other subjects A is now an A+ for her Self Learning Activities, Reading, Math & Science. She maintained A+ for her Language and Values.

Here is the complete list:
Reading = A its now A+
Writing = A now A-
Math = A now A+
Science = A now A+
Language= A+ now A+
Values = A+ now A+
Computer= A now A
Learning= A now A+

Narrative Report:
Independent. Jea is an independedt girl. She can do things with little supervision and now participates on every activity inside the classroom.

Too much work!

It is 2am and I am still up, I don't want to complain because staying up all night is a normal, somewhat regular situation for an Architect. I am happy that I do have projects now but it is too tiring. I am not used to it any more, I am not used to over stressing myself on work, but I do have to work hard right? I can't let myself get used to relaxing so much. But right now, all I want is a relaxing vacation in Marbella Costa del Sol Spain. I cannot complain I have to work extra hard to earn more money, so as not be affected by recession.Everybody is affected even Marbella real estate industry has been affected by the economic downturn but there is still demand for both long term rentals and for holiday. I need that vacation right now. My eyes are so sore that it feels different. My back and my neck hurts too. On top of it all, my laptop is not cooperating. It keeps on saying "Not Responding" after all the edits I made on the design. I have to work all over again. The only thing in my mind now is where to get a holiday rentals costa del sol for my holiday vacation. I am so tired, although I am designing a spa, I do want o go to a spa now. Please let this project finish now. Laptop, please cooperate.

Glam Nail Spa- Design Board

Bare with me guys, this design was done in a cramming, panic manner. Did my best, I know I could have done better. So at 4:30 am, I am signing off, with this. A design board promosal for a Nail Spa/ Derm Clinic. My first ever project after a long hiatus. Wish me luck guys! "Arkitekto na ulet ako! Wala na naman akong tulog!"

This is just half of the proposal, the other half is the Derm Clinic, but I wont post it anymore, need to get some sleep! Night! Night!

Gift for Kristo

The title fits it perfectly, I am thinking of what to give to my god son "Kristo" yes, that's his name. He's my besfriends son, who is sucha devoted Christian. I do have a gift for him last Christmas, but my father went to a birthday party that he has to pick up a gift immediately so I offered that he can take that gift instead. Sorry, but I think it is better that way because now I do have the option to look for another gift for him, something that is classified asUnique Christian Gifts . I believe Owie will appreciate it more if I give something that is about Christianity since that is what always goes out from her mouth. She is just so inlove with God that sometimes I do find it wierd, I do call her that, but she doesn't mind. It is just like calling God "Bro" sort of a pet name, a pet term to discribe my friend. I have to be honest I do miss the old Owie, somebody is normal, who doesn't always blurt out God in every sentence. Not that its bad, on the contrary its not, but I do miss talking to her about every thing and anything under the sun. I know, all of the things and situations can be related to God but there are chats that you just want to talk, sometimes you just want to talk about senseless things. Nothing too deep, just casual talk.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kiddie Kwela

Sorry, I should have a better video of this. Little J was shown on a better angle and much longer, but I was too excited that I pushed the wrong button and stopped recording. Not to mention, I was panicking already since I can already see the lobat symbol.. Hay.. sayang talga.. Little J wasn't able to watch it too, she's asleep already. I wish other Mommies have a copy of a video with Jea.

Sorry tried to load the video but I just cant. I always get the video "uploading failed"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Chatting and Supple

While chatting at LDS chat I learned of new game called supple, it is like Sims but the characters talk English and it is more interesting because you have to beat the other employee. It is about office politics, you have be good at your work but you also has to suck up to your boss to earn the promotion. Then you also have to flirt with the guy employee to earn confidence.

The objective of the game is get a promotion by the end of the week. Your character's name is Arin Costello and she will go agianst her guy coworker for the promotion. You will have to work and research, every time you do you'll get a certain points until you reach 100%, this also earns you money to buy clothes. At first I thought the good strategy is to finish all the work first and get all the stars, later I learned that even if you don't get the star if you flirt with the coworker he will give you information regarding your work and this may also earn you the star.

I would say that this game is all about company politics its more of a social game that do happen in real life. I hope not all of us has to suck up to our boss or flirt with your competition to earn a promotion, but some really do that to reach a better status in their career.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Snapshot

First, we went to pick up all the books from the publishing house for the bookfair. I got tons of books, I am so excited ofr it. This is major event, and I am not sure if its going to be successful, wish me luck guys. It is my first time to try selling, I didn't really plan to sell books, as what I've said I am only after the discount that a member gets for the specific publishing house, but when i posted a blog about I started recieving orders, so I figured why not try it. As person if I decide to do something I give my all, so here I am goignt o my first ever bazzar at Kids Ahoy. All are invited, so please so come mommies its going to be fun!

The next day we went to Divisoria, I plan to buy nice freebies for my loyal clients who order books from sweetytots-booksale and I got lots of wonderful loots for all of you. So this is really the best time to order books from Sweetytots-booksale!! You'll get wonderful freebies!!

Hurry Order NOW! Until supply last!!

While in Divisoria, we found this a "PSP", an imitation but it is such a great buy. You can play music, watch Videos, play games, and it even has a camera. I was mazed it practically has the same features as the real PSP, except that it doesnt have wifi. The best part it the cost, it only cost PHP1,200.00 so I bought it for little J. I am amazed at how she learned on her own on how to use it. I am an adult and I can read the instructions, but she use it better than me, and she is only 3yrs old!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kids Ahoy Music & Arts Festival and Bazzar

Another exciting event for Kids Ahoy, I am sure this will be lots of fun for little J and me too. I'm so happy that this time I will be one of the exhibitors, I will be selling Children's books from sweetytots-booksale
Everybody is invited to come. There will be lots of activities for the toddlers.

Feb 28, 2009
Sat, 10-5pm
A day of creative fun:
music, arts,
storytelling,games& more!

Kids Ahoy Creative Play Shop
56 Lantana cor New York Sts. Cubao, QC
Entrance Fee: P100/ child
(infants/adults free)


Special prize/activity/kit for first 30 registrants.
Name of Child, Age
Name of Parent
Contact info : Email/Mobile
Location of Residence:

Web Hosting

I am not so familiar with web hosting and other internet stuff. To be honest all I know is to blog, I don't even know how to use multiply and facebook. I have to read a lot of hosting faq to understand a little about it. But, even if I read a lot of faq I still can't understand a lot of it. I would like to change my domain, and increase my traffic but I am clueless about this stuff. I hope somebody can help me to learn more about web hosting choice.

Going Gaga with the Freebies

My very loyal customer Jes got her 3rd batch of order yesterday. Since she is a loyal patron, I gave her a lot of freebies. She already got 2 coloring books and storybook, she also got a Hansel & Gretel pop-up book and my bonus freebies are a sketch pad, a box of crayon and a stencil. She got lots of freebies from sweetytot-booksale beacuse of the ongoing promo. If she purchase at least Php300 of books, she will recieve 1 coloring book for free a Php 50 value for FREE and if she buys at least Php500 worth of books she will get 2 coloring books a Php 100 value for FREE.

Hurry!!! Place your order now, Promo is until February 28 only.

Senior Citizens

I have a very busy day today. I just came home, I bought a lot of books for shop. I found a lot of wonderful new books and titles. I particularly like the finger puppet set. It is a 4 piece set, 3 finger puppets and a hardbound book that tells the story of the characters. There are two titles the Goldilocks and 3 bears and my favorite "who let the pups out". I can still hear the song that goes well with it.

I met up with my friend Ping to talk about the bookfair that I was about to join. The bookfair is going to be held on February 28, saturday, in Kids Ahoy. They will have an event there next Saturday that is why lots of people will come, from kids to oldies. I wonder if some of the oldies knew something about
Senior Chat Room, I saw the site a few days ago while surfing the net. I am so excited already for the book fair. I hope the kids and the kids at heart will love my selection of books.

Sweetytots-Booksale is joining a Book Fair

I am so excited I am joining Kids Ahoy's event this Saturday. It will be my first ever bazzar. I'd like to try it out, but I am a bit nscared at first because what if I will not be able to sell the books, but I am so lucky. The buisness operator/ distributor is very nice and supportive she allowed me to "borrow" books, on consignment basis that I can still return whatever books that I was not able to sell and not just that Mommy Joanne of Kids Ahoy is very nice to allow me to do this opportunity. I am so blessed! I need to check on vpn to invite more to join the Kids Ahoy Music and Art Festival.

Anime Chat

Eventhough I am so busy this days, I still find time to log in and check some chat rooms. I became fond of Anime Chat I like meeting a lot of people and I can do that in chat rooms. I consider myself as an artist being an architect and all. I think, artist are very interesting people, that is why I like talking to them. They have so many things to talk about and a lot of interesting art works too. Anime is a type of cartoon, type or animation that tells a story.

I am not to fond of watching cartoons, but I happen to like Anime. I believe there is a lot of talent being poured in to this stuff. I like how they make it look so real and yet is still a cartoon. There is more depth in the characters, more meaning more sense, nut just cute fun stuff. It is like a telenovela only drawn. I particularly like their style of drawing, the spiky hair and cute outfits. Even the story plot is more realistic than cartoons, it has a lot of followers that are not just kids. I believe that the people who watch this shows are more of the adults than kids. There are lot of teenagers hooked into it, they are either hooked in the story, the character or just he animation, but I believe it is mostly all of the above.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mommy Moments- Feeding TIme

mommy moments
Eating giant tobleron April 2006
on her high chair August 2006
9th month birthday in Sta Rosa house

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Married Chat

I don't know if I'm ever gonna get married, but I am still hoping to find the right guy to love. Not quite sure what are the qualities I am looking for, but I know if God wants him to come he will. Now there area lot of ways of meeting someone, just like in this Married Chat. I wonder if people who join that chat area actually married, if they are then that wouldn't be nice. It is an interesting site, with lots of people to meet. I am thinking if they are also looking for somebody who will make them happy, somebody to love and love them back. Somebody who will truly care. Who will understand, trust and believe in you. I would also like to find somebody who will respect and love me, and somebody who is God fearing and thinks more of others than himself. This quality is really important to me, because that is my criterion on what a future step-father for my daughter. He should have an over flowing love for others rather than himself. This quality is very hard to find because I believe that most guys have a huge ego, and pride is very important to them. This might be a problem of jealousy and attention, he should understand that my daughter is the top priority in my life and he, who ever he will be, will just be next to my daughter.

Addicted to Baby Alive Dolls

I just bought a 2nd Baby Alive doll for little J, its a bit pricey, cost me around Php 1500 if converted to peso, but it is still al least Php2000 lower than buying it here. Then just when I bought the 2nd one, I saw this, a very cute Baby Alive Go Bye Bye. It cost $6.99 only or just about Php300. I so wanted to buy this one too. What do you think mommies? should I go for it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Happy Clients!

These are Jes kids Ishi and Ethan enjoying thier books. So if you want to see wonderful smiles such as thier smile on your kids faces order books now at sweetytots-booksale! We still have a month long promo, you can get free books if you purchase at least Php300 of items

A new Project

I have a meeting today with Sir Marvin, we are going to talk about the Design of their new Spa. I was the one who design and constructed their first Spa, now they already have 3. We are going to start the the design for their 3rd Spa and I am so excited about it. Looks like I am back to more projects, my career is really getting a head start again with all this projects coming in. In the first project I redeveloped the kitchen sinks into a more sophisticated counter spa sink, for a very minimal cost. I installed an antique wood slab that I bought from the thrift shops, stained it and varnished then had it sealed. I later on installed a new modern sink on top of it. It gave sophisticated look at a very minimal cost. That was one of the challenges in that previous project. I wonder what will be the challenge for this new one. I am so excited for it. Wish me luck bloggers! I have a lot more to tell all of you, I'll be back later to post it. It's about the interview yesterday and how my career might shift to a better one. I am such a lucky gal. I am very blessed

Valentines Bubble Bath

My online loots

I was trigger happy with the mouse a few days ago, I was in panic buying mode at ebay because my mom is going to US and I am determined to put a lot in her baggage for little J's loots. I am fond of buying online since I got a good buys already, the Baby Alive doll which I bought for just $2 and vtech learning system at a very reasonable price too. I am searching for diet pills that work, I hope I can add that to my online loots too. I searched the web for information about this stuff, of course I wanted to lose weight, but I want to be sure that it is safe for me to use. I had to read a lot of diet pill reviews
for me to be able to learn more about it. I got into on website that offers exactly what I've been looking for, a safe, natural and healthy way of loosing weight. I just hope I am not to lazy to exercise so I will not have to resort to the best diet pills. I also need a lot of time and determination to reach my goal, and right now I don't have the luxury of time at all.

Little J's Baby Alive

This is my 2nd purchase from ebay, I bought this Baby Alive Doll for just $2. I'm so lucky right? this retail in ebay at around $35 and above, I had to pay additional $17 for the shipping but its still turned out cheaper compared to buying it here. This Baby Alive doll retails here for Php2,600.00

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 3

Thanks Chris for this Meme, sorry If I was not able to post the others.
My Top 3 Meme

Three Names that Friends Call You:
Three Most Important Dates in your Life:
-June 7
-August 1
-August 8
Three Things You've Done in the Last 30 Minutes:
-post blogs,
-eat lunch
-dropped ec
Three Ways to be Happy Even your at Home:
-play with little J
Three Gifts You Would Like to Receive:
-new Nintendo Wi
-peace of mind
-happy family

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
-playing sims
Three Places You Want to go for a Vacation:
-Las Vegas
Three Favorite Drinks:
-Mocha Frap
-Ice tea
-Mango juice
Three Things Found in Your Bag:
-coin purse
- cell phone

Three Favorite Colors:
-teal green
Top Three Hangouts:
-Kids Ahoy
-Play ground
Top Three You Love so Much:
-little J
-little J
-little J
Top Three You Think Will Answer this Survey:
-Mary Anne
Top Three Things Special To You:
-PRC license (becasuse I really worked hard for it)
Top Three Reasons Why You Answered This Survey:
-looks fun
-I've been passing out on too many other meme
-it easy to answer

Weekend J & J Adventure - Valentines 09

Last weekend we went to Dusit Hotel again, we stayed there for the night. I left early from the office to fetch little J and Nang-nang Pau. Its a girls day, no boys allowed. Haha... So after, I borrowed Nong-nong's car and went to pick up little and Nang-nang from the condo. We went to Manila Post Office, to pick up the Baby Alive doll that I purchased from ebay. I bought it for just $2, paid for $17 for shipment so all in all it is still quite a steal. I am not suppose to give it to her at once, because of the "no new toys policy" but I can't help it. She need to have it now, it would be a pity if she get to pick it up but not open the box right? So she was so anxious going to the Post Office, I paid Php35 for postage something. Don't know exactly why, but I paid anyway. The customs opened the package first for inspection so the packagin is alreayd ripped off, little J easily took out the doll when we got it in the car. She loved it! I am now as impressed as her, and I am glad that I paid only $2 for it, it drinks, blinks and pee, but nothing extra ordanary about it. I like the Tracy doll the "Santa" gave her last Christmas, it only cost me about Php800 and its far more nicer than the Baby Alive Doll. It drinks milk, and you can actually see the move move. Talks a lot too. She says "I love you Mommy!", "I love you daddy", "I'm thirsty" among others. She also snores and can be tickled. For me Baby Alive is not worth it if you buy it on its rratil price of $45, some even more. I was just lucky enough to buy it at $2. But, this is my opinion, little J love both dolls and named them Daisy and Minnie.

We went off to Makati again to pick up Mama for hotel check in. She didn't went with just, she just gave us some doughnuts for snack and gave instructions for check in, then we went straight to Dusit. Little J love the hotel, she feels so at home. She is so used to staying in hotel that she already knows the routine. We played in the room with her new doll, watched cartoons and left again by 5pm to go to my office and pick up my salary. So off to Rockwell we went. Little J fell asleep in the car, and we picked up Nong-nong too. We were suppose to eat at Som's for dinner but we had change of plans when Mama called and ask us to join them at Ol Spaghetti house. Nong-nong and me got into an argument so he just dropped us there and we took a cab going back to the office.

The next morning, we had a wonderful breakfast again. Little J doesn't eat early breakfast do we had a hard time making her eat. I just took 2 doughnuts for take out so she can eat it for later. I wanted to eat some more but Mama and Nang-nang left already, they went upstairs to change because Nong will pick up Nang-nang. They have a wedding to attend to. So we had no choice but to follow them upstairs. Little J had fun with the bath tub, I poured a lot of bubble bath. Then we went to Park Square, to but some few things. We then went back to the hotel to check-out. We left our things in the concierge because we will still go to SM. Little J has been bugging us the day before, for us to go to SM, we can see it right outside the hotel window. First, stop is ice cone. We got strawberry and grapes this time. I liked the bubble gum falvor better. Then, we went to Mcdo, little J is hungry already. We ordered nuggets, rice, large fries. Little J prctically ate everything. Then we went to the Departments stores and window shopped, then Timezone. I allowed little J for 5 rides, she was so happy about it. She was running trhough the mall when she hit a signage by the wall and got her arms wounded, good thing I always have a first aid kit with me. So it wasnt a problem, she stopped crying as soon as I put on the band aid. We then went back to the hotel to get the baggage.

2nd part to be continued.. I'll post some pics too... hopefully soon.

My first Successful Withrawal

Do you remeber the paypal withrawal I made last Tuesday? I withraw for $10, minimum paypal withrawal and by today I got it already. I used my Union Bank eon card to verify the paypal account and I also used that account to transfer the funds. I lost a little for the dollar to peso conversion but I am still so happy. Now I can actaully see by blogging monay. I can withraw it and have funds in my account as actual money and not just virtual paypal money. My plan is withraw it every 15 and 30th of the month and transfer the money to my other savings account. This will be additional savings for me. I think it is better this way than to spend all my blogging moolah on online shopping.

Now, my only problem is how can I get back the $35 that I transfered to my other paypal account. Mitch, suggested for me to use VCC or Virtual Credit Card but Pitsay is still not replying on my inquiries. I can ask for my cousins bank account, but I doubt if he will give it to me. We are not really close, in fact we have seen each other for I think 3 times our whole life. I hope there are US based bloggers who will be nice enough to let me use thier US credit card account to verify my paypal. I promise I will not charge anything on it. I will even give you my own paypal account username and password so that you can verify the card yourself, I don't need to know any bank details. I just want to purchase the art supplies for little J.
As I've said in my other post, the new paypal that I registered is US paypal, I only made a new US paypal account so that I pay for the art supplies. I already transfered $35 in it. The amount needed for the purchase, but I can't use this paypal account because I dont have a US credit card to verify it. I can't send to any other paypal too, so I can't send it back to my other paypal account. In short, the $35 is stuck in the new paypal account unless a good samaritan blogger from US will help me out. PLease!!! Please!!!

Video Games

Little J is going gaga again over video games. She loves playing with my laptop, it doesn't really matter what kind of game. She loves all the gmes. She with the basic like, choose the colors, memory games, puzzles, then she move on with the harder ones like hangman and addition.She loves the hangman game because of the fun sound it makes when you complete the puzzle. She dance with it. She just guess the letters, I am not particular if she got it right, she just pick whatever letter she likes, most of the time she hears the game over tune, but sometimes she gets lucky and figure it out.

I realize I can't completely turn her away from video games, she loves it and it part of being a kid. I love it myself that's why I still play it sometimes. In fact I am so excited already for the new game Sims 3. I loved it from the first time I tried it, so I cannot expect little J to not like it too. So instead of telling her that it is bad for her, clearly I am not setting a good example. I told her that we will just set rules. She can only play video games such as hangman games on Sundays. She can play all afternoon if she wants, but she also has to study first. For every hour of study time on Saturdays, she gets to play 2 hours of video games. If she got a perfect score for our "exam" she gets another 2 hours of game play. Fair enough huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paypal HELP!!!!

First, I am happy that I recieved a bonus from Paypal, I don't know why. Maybe it is some sort of interest. This is something I've neer known about paypal. I am so happy recieving it, although its a small amount it is still something that I didn't expect. Do any of you bloggers, recieve a bonus from Paypal?

The second thing about paypal is not a good thing, at least for the moment until I can find a way to resort things out. You see, I wanted to purchase some art supplies for little J from Discount School Supplies, the problem is that when I tried to check out they wont accept my payment from paypal, because accourding to the website my paypal account (which is registeres in the Philippines) is not elligible for the shipping address in the US. Meaning I can't use it to pay for the items. So I registered another paypal, using a US address. Then I sent the $35 to that new US address paypal, because I thought I can use it to pay for the purchase. I am so wrong. I need to very a bank account to use it, meaning I can't use it to pay for the items nor can I use it to send the money bank to my Philippine paypal account. Now my $35 is stuck in that paypal, I cant send out any money until, I verify it with a US bank account.

Please help!!!!!!Please help!!! Any ideas on how can I retract the money that I transfered? Or how can I verify the US paypal using another credit card? Please help!!! or how can I pay for the items.. Please help!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Aggregator is a new word for me, although I have been blogging for years I still consider myself as a newbie. According to, aggregator hosting is a free hosting site that links blog community. Aggregator can also be refered as a blog portal, it is a customizable website that features blogs typically authored by like-minded bloggers – a blogging community. Such aggregators provide easy access to blogs about a specific topic. Successful aggregators are also a major source of blog traffic.

I still don't know mucg about it but I registered anyway, since it promises to help send traffic to my site. Since I started an online store more traffic is really needed to promote it. I am not complaining about my traffic in fact its getting better and better, my Alexa rank is now at 280,000 which is a good number. I used to be over the million mark a few months ago. I believe the entrecard dropping really help. I am not as diligent as the other bloggers on dropping cards but I try do do it once in a while. Hope joining will help boost my traffic more.

New in Multiply and Facebook

I am not so fond of joining social networks, I do have an account in Friendster which I started years ago when I am still young and cheezzzzyyyy, but I later on got hooked with blogging, and for me the most convenient and user-friendly format is here in blogger, but since my friends are in Facebook I felt obligeed to join in, I registered an account but I am not active in it as well and since I started selling online too, the most convenient format of online stores is in Multiply but here is the problem I don't know anything about facebook and multiply. Can somebody help me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Valentines is just around the corner.I never celebrated this event, even in my high school days when I was going gaga over my this guy. for me it was too corny, I never liked it. Although I like recieving gifts, flowers, baloons, stuffed toys, if I dont get one I dont mind. I remeber a friend of mine sent flowers to everyone in our group of friends. We all got a boquet of flowers on valentines day. So when my crush saw me with a boquet of flowers he thought I already have a boyfriend and because of that he didn't try courting me any more. I'd like to clear it out to him but never had the chance. Then he saw me again with a bunch of roses and few weeks after, so how can I tell him that I don't have a boyfriend when he keeps on seeing me holding flowers. I never had a chance to tell him. Even when I have a boyfriend I never celebrated valentines, I've always been alone or with friends, no romantic celebration. I think the closest would be when a suitor Professor came to our house to visit.

But this year its different, I am celebrating valentines with the love of my life, little J. We are booked in a Dusit Hotel again, I wonder what would be their promo. It will be odd spending valentines in a hotel with your kid, but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. I wonder when will I ever get to wear a sexy lingerie that I found in this site. I browse the online shop and they do have a lot of lingerie to choose from, I am just a bit distracted on the sexy poses of the models. Men will have a fun looking at the catalogue too. I like this one the best because the model looks like a model and not a porn star. I admit I need a lot of exercise and diet before a can wear something like this and look as good as this model.

Orders shipped!!!!

First 3 orders of Children's books are shipped!!! 2 packages for Jes and Mary Anne are shipped yesterday, one more shipment for Melissa will be shipped today. I included beautiful coloring books and storybooks as an additional gift for my first 3 clients. Thank you so much for purchasing beautifulm educational and quality books from sweetytots-booksale. I updated the list of books, so to all mommy bloggers out there order now! I still have an on-going promo of FREE coloring books and storybooks.

Best sellers are the pop-up books, which only cost Php 59.75 each.

Remember: We still have a promo that if you buy Php300 worth you will recieve a free coloring book or story book. Buy Php 500 worth and you will recieve a free crayon keeper or another book. So if you buy 5 pop-up books, you will be recieving 6 books. Order 8 pop-up books and recieve 10.

Hurry while supply last.

New York Times Tips

I have mentioned in my previous post that New York Times wrote an article on tips on how to save, particularly on eyeglasses. We need tips such as this during this time of recession. I am scared and worried on how our economy will be in a few months, as of this moment more and more Filipinos are loosing their job, more and more families are in the edge of losing hope on how to survive. I watched last nights documentary on "Correspondents" about people who have mental illness. Somehow, it made me realize that more and more people are losing their mind because of depression caused by our economic situation. Mental illness can be hereditary, but other caused of this maybe depression, poor health. Imagine, more and more people are becoming poor, more and more has poor health because of hunger, and this will all cause them to feel depression. No wonder why we are seeing more and more "crazy" people on the streets.

Zenni optical has a wide range of beautiful and affordable frames, such as this one. This frame is one of my favorites because its simple and sleek.

But somehow, I wish this beautiful prescription glasses can make our government officials see more clearly, on how our country is suffering because of thier selfish interest. If they are doing a good job and thinking more waht they can do to serve the people, rather than what they can do to steal from people, maybe, just maybe they can make a little difference. They can help people who lose their jobs or unemplyed have some kind of income. They can provide livelihood training to empower them and thus making them able to provide for their family.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My very first Paypal Withrawal

I did my very first paypal withrawal. I really don't know how to do it, I just followed steps on blogs that I read. I withraw a the minimum amount allowed, just to be sure if the transfer will really push through. Accourding to paypal, transfer is in 5 to 7 days. According to the blogs I read it usually just takes 2-3 days. So hopefully its the later.

Zenni Optical did it again.

Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! Zenni Optical is again back in the limelight, New Times wrote an article on just how much cheaper it is against other brands. Prescription eyeglasses for only $8!
With the ongoing economic downfall, we need affordable products such as this one. The article also included tips on how we can all save and still manage to care for our optical needs. Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank, the title of the article also mentioned that we should know where to really spend on, the bulk of the payment should be on the lenses and not on the frames. That is what we need, a good well prescribed lenses.

This children's frame caught my eye, its cute. Although, I hope little J will never ever need to wear this as a prescription lens. Maybe just for pretend games, she can pretend as a teacher, she'll look great in this. I can already imagine.

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My blog earnings

All in all I must have made more than $500 as blog earnings, that's a lot considering I only started paid blogging last November. At first I used my blog earning for online shopping, but I realized I don't want to use it all up for shopping. So I didn't touch my paypal account so that I will just keep it as savings, but since the dollar is going down, its better to withdraw the money now and deposit it in my savings account. That way I'll be protected with the loss of dollar-peso exchange rate. I applied for my Unionbank Eon last December and got it a few weeks ago. I also used it to verify my paypal account. Now, that it is verified can sombody help me how to withraw the paypal money to my unionbank account? Please.. thanks in advance.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Do you anything about holodomor? It happened during 1932-1933, there was a famine in the Soviet Union, about 6-8 million died because of hunger. It was called Goldomor which means muss hunger, with the Recesiion the world is facing today, I fear if something like this could happen. If we think deeply, this is happening already for the pass years, for decades. Areas like Africa, are already experiencing hunger. In the Philippines alone, more and more Filipinos are experiencing hunger. I remember watching a documentary on Tv about it. The TV documentary actually came out as a shock for me. I never experience something like that. In that Tv show, some kids eat only once a day, just 1 tiny bit of bread or rice without anything to go with it. There was even a family of 4 kids that give way to eachother so that all can eat, they make up a schedule, two will eat on Mondays and Wednesdays the others on other days. For them not to go hungry they just drink a lot of water. Some have to get their food from garbage. What they do is search for the left overs of fast fod chain, even the bones then they cooked it again for their food. More and more Filipinos are experinceing this kind of life, more and more experience hunger specially now because of recession. I wish we will never have to experience this, and I wish I can do more about it, than just by writing something in my blog.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disscount School Supply

First and foremost, this is not a paid post. I'm sharing this to all of you because I am just so happy to find this site Discount School Supply I spent all morning shopping online. They have the most wonderful stuff for your toddlers, Art's & Craft, paints, clays, art kits at increadibly low prices. I bought all this for little J, all of this stuff cost me just Php 1,200 or about $30.

2 sets of 8 color Colorations Watercolor set at $0.49

set of 12 crazy cut scissors at $3.29 or about Php12 only for each

64pc Crayola pack at $4.29 this was a dream for me when I was a child, now I am giving little J this wonderful set. Remember the pack? with all those colors and uniques names? The pack even has its own sharpener at the back.

I also bought a lot of assorted art supplies, I opt to but the foam because its light weight. I wanted to buy paints too but its too bulky and heavy, my mom will really be mad at me if I do that, she will not have much of extra space or weigh for her things.

All in all, its 1364pcs of art supplies. Little J and I will have lots of fun doing projects. I can't wait to get all these and to think, this only cost about Php1200.