Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogging Again

I love blogging. It am having a lot of fun doing it. Its been part of my life on a regular basis. I wishi can spend more time on it. I met a lot of good friends too. I would like to learn more about the techincal stuff of blogging. I have benefited so much from it already. That is why I am looking for the best web hosting. I am looking for the best web hosting service there is, but I don't have huge budget for it. So I went to a site that compares the services. There are sites that are budget friendly, that gives the basic needs. There are sites that gives the best service but also to expensive for me. There are sites that give away perks and promos like free domain name and email among others.

I was drawn to the best budget hosting site since I am really on a budget. They offer it the following rates

1 year: $4.95 per month
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There are also customer reviews that will give you insight of what kind of service they offer. I believe the reviews that is why I am getting this service for my webhosting.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Im losing the game

OMG! Im losing this game, I never thought I would. I am slowly sliding down, I really don't want to fall. I can't, it is not an option. This will just make my life far more complicated than it really is. I don't want care too much, in fact I don't want care at all. I thought it was just a game, a game that I can manipulate. It surprised me that am the one being manipulated. I am scared to death on what will become of me. I cannot let this happen to me again. I maybe just over reacting, but I am really scared. I cannot help it, I thought I am stronger than this.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blogging 101

I have some few
Blogging Tips for beginners.

First, a blog should come naturally, meaning you don't have to stress out on what to write in your blog. You should speak freely rather than having a well thought of entry. For me, I'd rather read about something that is more natural, something on a more personal note rather than reading an entry that sounds like a college paper to be submitted to a professor.

My rule of thumb is that what I write is always what is true, something that comes out ffrom my heart rather than squeezed out of my mind. I find that easier to do.
What about you? what are your tips on writing blogs?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My sad birthday!

My birthday last August 1, didnt go so well. I expected it though, there is really nothing much to be happy about. Two of my clients wont pay me, which will total to about 100k, that is a big amount of money, which I really need. I didnt think that I would go bankrupt, but I am. Sometimes I dont even have enough to buy lunch. I am going through a very difficult phase. At the start of the day on my birthday, I tried to be happy. I really tried but things went from worse to worst. Sometimes I hate my mom so much for ruining everything for me. In fact I hate her most of the time, if I can stay away from her I would. She ruined my day, my birthday. At the start of the day she made me lose every composure that I had, and from 8am to till night I kept crying.

I was crying about everything, my work, money, my family my whole life. Then when I went to work, to the site I just gave them their salary and left immediately, Im already crying on myh way there. Then Im off to the other site to submit the as-built plans. I know that I am going to a war. I came face to face to the woman that I feel so evil I'd like to pull her hair out maybe even her eyes. She is just so inconsiderate, very selfish and just out of this world evil. I hat her to high heavens, but I cannot do anything about it because she is my client so I burst into more tears. It was about 12noon and I was crying till 3pm. She wont pay me for somthing I already finished. Its a job done and she still wont pay me. I honestly wanted to sue her, I even consulted a lawyer and I will charge her the full amount plus "danyos", for all the heartache she caused me. I left hell at 3pm, still crying and still without the payment, I havent eaten lunch yet and so does little J. They dont have a heart and if I were a witch Id cast a spell so that they will not earn a single cent from their buisness. I cried while driving home, I pass by Mcdonalds to buy food for little J. When I got home I was still too frustrated that I went on crying till I doze of to sleep.

One good thing is that my brother and his wife is thoughtful enough to bring cake and pancit for me to celebrate. I wanted to celebrate but I am too lonely. I cant just tell myself to smile when I am bursting with anger and frustration. A few hours later we just ate dinner and little J and Nangnang joined me in the bedroom. Little J was too tires too she fell aslepp without taking her milk. I just told her stories and without us knowing she already fell asleep.

Then one thing happened, my worker texted me, at around 10pm greeting me happy birthday. He asked me if I was happy the whole day, since he knew that I was not, becuase he was the only one that is with us when I was crying my heart out in "hell" the site. It wasnt really a big deal, but it was sweet of him to ask if I am ok. Then he told me that it was also his birthday 2 days before mine, and just like me he is crying. It turned out that he caught his wife with another man and she even has the guts to threw him out. Then just like a light, it dawned to me that I should be happy. Not because of what happened to him, but I should still be thankful that there are far more worse problems that other people are facing. My problem is only about money, and I can earn that if not now, sometime soon. His problems is far more worse than mine. I feel for him, I really wish he can get over with happend, that sooner or later he can move one with life. He still goes to work, which is good, but I find him looking into air most of the time. He is still in shock. I have so mcuh respect for him, because he really works hard for his family. He works and often times volunteer to work during over time, HE practically works 8am-9pm everyday from Monday to Sunday. I ask him and the others if he can still take it, if he still has the energy to work over time. He always answer me. "Yes ma'am, para sa pamilya ko!" then this is what he will get.

You can say that I am a bit affected, because I have high respect for him as a father, that even if he is just a construction worker he has the sense of responsiblity and overflowing love for his family, specially for his daughter. Sometimes I wish that little J's father would have just a bit of that, I dont even ask for him(little J's father) to be responisble to provide. I already told him that I dont need a single cent from him, what I am only asking from little J's father is just a bit of concern. Maybe just a hint to let us know that he cares for his daughter.