Thursday, December 27, 2007


It was a busy day for Mommy.. I did all the cooking... spaghetti, tenderloin in mushroom, Roasted chicken, hamonado.. etc..It was difficult at first because Jea wouldnt let go of me.. Still sick with flu, she is so malambing and would want me to leave her sight. I cant even stand up for just a moment. So I decided to send her to Nicole's house to play, this never fails... So we went there and its good that Nong nong is there too, to look after her. I brought her upstairs to play with all the kids.. but... still she wont let go of me. So I brought her down again to kuya. Finally, I was able to put her down.. I slowly slipped away while she sipped some softdrinks and hurriedly went upstairs to cook.

In less than 5 minutes.. here they are.. crying and looking for me.. so I thought of bringing her to Papa instead and finally she stopped crying. So I went off to cook...

At around 9pm I dressed her up to catch the 10pm mass at UST. We left at 9:30, as we enter the gates she said "mommy's school?!" then Papa asked her... who else's? she said "nong nong!" who else? "Papa" and as we are looking for a parking space. Papa and Jea are amazed of the surrounding.. Jea because of the lights and the fountains.. Papa because.. many things have changed since he went to school in the 70's . That's along time ago.. We parked the car besign UST high right across the Colayco park and as we go down the car I was telling Jea stories about the school, that I use to study there and the Colayco Park was different before, that there were a stage and little huts.. then papa would go on telling that in his time there werr no"Colayco park" just bamboo's not even the UST library was cosntructed back then. The only thing that is left untouched is the "botanical garden".

As we walked to the field Jea saw the huge Christmas Tree and was amazed about how big and it and how much lights it has on. The mass hasnt started yet so Papa and Jea went strolling around the field , reminiscing... They went back right before the mass started. We are half pass the ceremony.. when Jea fell asleep.. so we took turns carrying her.. it was sad we didnt had the chance to take a picture first before she went to sleep. She woke up on our way back home.

Usually we eat Noche Buena first before opening the gifts, but Jea is too sleepy already that we allowed her to open her gifts first.. The first one was Nang nangs gift... it was an ironing set.. ang kuya was teasing her "kabayo..kabayo..kabayo.." refering to the ironing board.. She liked it.. and started playing with it.. Then nong nong gave her another gift.. it was a cooking play set.. with 2 burner stove.. laddles.. pots.. etc.. she liked it so nmuch and dropped nang nang's gift.. I liked it too..I was looking fo something like it but its just too expensive P3000.00 plus and I was suppose to make one for her, but thanks to kuya.. she got it, and according to hi, it wasnt expensive at all.. after that I gave her "Santa's Gift" and also sets for cooking.. a good supplimentary for Kuya's gift.. Then i gave her my gift she likes it so much... " Its a fluffy puppy toy including the cage.. brush..blower..clippers..scissors.. for grooming" she likes it so much.. carries it everywhere...

She asked me to prepare her bed and asked her if she wants to sleep na..and she said "No, play na I left her on the bed to play. Then, as she played we went to take our Noche Buena.. as we finished our meal. I noticed she's asleep already.. We then went downstairs to greet everybody a merry Chirstmas... Ninong Dindo, To Pe, Ninong Ronnan, all gave their gifts to me for Jea, too bad she's already sleep.

Christmas Party

I think this is the first Christmas that Jea really appreciates.... to start off her Christmas spirit I brought her with me at the office for our Christmast party.. it was Dec. 23... Although a little sick.. from colds and a little fever...she is excited to go with me. Maybe it was just the thought of coming to mommy's new office, or playing with other kids, or simply coz she can stay with Mommy for the whole day. So dressed her up with the pink halter top, the Barbie skirt and blouse set and her new white boots. Fixed up her things.. good for the whole day.. since we are set for 3 parties for that day. The Christmas Party marathon.. as I call it.

First stop, SCCP Christmas Party. We were late, got at the office at around 9:00 am. On our way to the office I told her about our activities for the day. She didnt care about the Christmas Parties all the mattered to her is that we are going see nang nang Pau later that evening. I told her we are goin to the office. Passing through Roxas Blvd., she asked me if we can go SM fisrt before going to the office.. I dont even know how she knew that we are near SM Mall of Asia, maybe the sorroundings are familiar to her.. maybe she remembered the way ( at 2 she can already be a navigator going to the mall hehehe).

It took us a little longer to get out of the car since we have to put back her shoes on, coz she took it off while on the road.. and im still doing my last minute gift wrapping. As we enter the office, she alreadr saw the litlle girl in pink.. my officemates kid.. so I introduced them to eachother. Her name is Xena, Jea smiled and went to talk to her gave her chocolates. They played around and talked to eachother. So it thought this is going to be easy.. but I was wrong as soon as my boss got in she immediately went to my side and said "mommy..mommy..mommy." as if saying.. dont leave scared. So I introduced her to my boss and his kids.. but she still scared and from that moment.. nobody else can go near her.. and if we got separated for just a meter.. she would call on me.. We didnt get to join the games.. and we didnt even get to eat comfortably.. Oh.. no...tantrums!

The party ended at around 1pm. I wanted to fetch Pau or Mama first so that I could have someone to help me with Jea. But they are both busy.. PAu withblast minute shopping and Mama in another Party. So I have no choice but to bring her along the next party. Im afraid it wouldnt be nice for her..its a Contractors Party for Krispy Kreme where all of the attendees are male (and she's so afraid of guys) since she hasnt been around with lots of guys. The only male figure she knows is Papa and kuya. I just have to take the risk.. the venue; billiard hall at Q.C. To my surprise, she is more relaxed there and she is not afraid at all, I introduced her to Arch. Larry and the rest of the architect and engineers. She had fun watching the game.. Saying "shoot" for every ball that goes in the pocket. She was like the special guest, they all like her.. she got the prize which is originally for the winners of the game. She got a box of donut, a souvenir cup, and some other gifts. She also ate a lot of rice.. It was already pass 5pm when we left... and we are off to our 3rd party.

We are now going to Nang Nang PAu's house, although excited she doze off to sleep while in the car.. too tired for all the partying... hehehe.. She woke up as soon as we arrived at Pau's house. Then we went to Neo China Town, and had dinner at bitoy's its such a nice place and the food was great. Kare-kare, Bulalo, Sisig, etc. We also did a little shopping, Pau bought her a nice dress which she chose.. specifically saying she likes it in blue. She didnt eat much.. but the rest of us did.. after dinner we went to Aseana for Starbucks.. and she ran and played..

It was a fun full day for us.. as we arrived home she asked me if she can open Pau's gift for her.. she had another one wrapped.. I said no, its not time yet. you should open in on Christmas.. and she made faces.. and asked again.. Pwede Christmas Party nalang? Knowing that today is the Christmas PArties.. she can open it todayif I say yes.. and all of us laughed at her.. such an intelligent baby.. she is even trying to trick me.. realizing she cant... she just smiled...