Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day

I think this day will always be a sad day for me, it has always been since I had little J. If you are new to my blog then you wouldn't know that I am a single mom and my life has never been the same sice then. My life has never been the same in so many ways, I have little J now to make me smile, but I also remember the love that I've lost because of some selfish reasons that I still cannot understand. Since that time too, my father and me broke our relationship. I cannot even remember how or when, but I think it all started when my father broke my heart because of some immature thing a week before I gave birth. We are not always like this, I remember that I am closer to father when I was younger, hence the term "papa's girl", but when I grew up, we also grew apart and now we are even more farther from eachother than ever. We had a lot of issues, maybe we just cannot forgive eachother. He hated me for some things that I have than and I hated him for his. Before I tried to mend it, but now, I think we are farther apart that I actually feel more secure, safe and peaceful when we dont talk. It is like I wouldn't care much. I honestly feel alot better like this, I know it shouldn't be that way but that is how I feel. I feel sad about it all, especially for little J, but I have gotten use to this set up already. I hope there will come a time that we can mend eachother's broken hearts and learn to forgive and understand each other.

Now, you know why Father's day is one of the loneliest days for me. Let's not even talk about little J's father, because if I do think about him I will still cry. I hope little J doesn't feel the same about father's day. I don't know which one is better, me having my father around, but doesn't feel good about it or little J not having her father with her but doesn't worry about it.

Wii fit for me

I bought the wii package that I posted a few days ago, so far I am loving it. I think this will really help stay focus on losing weight. I have tried countless times but non work, this time I a actually believe that it will work. I love working out now that it is a game. Even if it is a game I can really feel the burn. I have been using it for 4 days now and so far I lost some pounds and got it back yesterday after binging out on doughnut. I never thought that it would matter in just a day and it does. The wii fit really makes me see that I have to exercise and diet at the same time. What I love most about wii is that I can enjoy it with the whole family even little J has her own exercise routine. I started out with a wii age of 52, then 28, then 33, now I am very proud to say that my wii age yesterday was 25. It is like the multiplayer games, which is as fun as the wii.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

birthday pics

Web hosting Geeks

have you heard of this website, web hosting geeks? Yes they are about web site hosting, but they are more to just hosting. On this website, they make it a point for layman just like me and any other ordinary blogger to understand how it works. I and like million other bloggers doesn't know anyhting about web hosting. IN this website, they compare all the sites or at least the top ten site that offer website hosting. You can see their positive and negative points. The site tries to explain as clear as possible the benefite of each service, they also differentiate the packages from each other. It has been and still is a challenge to me to learn all those geeky stuff about, web hosting and web in general. For me all I know is to write blogs, that later did I know that I have to learn a lot of other stuff. I didn't know about domain, pageranks, comments and even on how to check how many visits does your site gets everyday. At first I wouldn't care much but I learn to understand or at least try to understand what are these all about. I still need a lot of help and I get all the help by browsing more on the net and asking alot of bloggers. I am lucky to find a lot of blogger friends who actually gives honest and answers to my stupid questions. To all of you I am very thankful.

Little J's 4th birthday (part 3)Kiddo Academy

I originally planned for 1 party at Kiddo, both for her classmates and her cousins, but since both group might not be available on the same date I opted to have separate parties. The first party was held last June 5, with her cousins, then a celebration with the immediate family on the 7th (her actual birthday), lastly a Mcdo Party at school with her classmates.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Little J's 4th birthday (part 2)Fun Ranch

We had a simple lunch at Teriyaki Boy, Fun Ranch for the family. Just us, we'll I could say that I felt uncomfortable with the whole family. You see we are not in good terms, but for little J's sake all of us are there. I am not comfortable not because I have ill feelings towards them, in fact I don't have any issues against any of them. It is a long stroy, but to chorten it, My mom and dad are not in good terms because of some petty things, then my brother also had a fight with my mom. I ahve nothing to do with any of it but they( my bro and dad) felt they also have to fight with, didn't say anything, just kept quiet about it. Well if they dont want to talk to me, fine by me. We've always been like this for years, and I mean years almost all my life. So I am so used to it. That is why I feel uncomfortable being with the whole family.

To go on with little J's birthday, we had lunch and they brought cake and gifs. Little J was so surprised to see Papa. We invited him to join us but he refused and he chose to make a grand entrance on surprising little J. After lunch we let little J ride everything. I bought the ride all you can and we took turns on riding with her. She had a grand time. That is all that matters.

After fun ranch we went to Christ the Kinf Church to hear mass, then off we go to Eastwood mall Toy town to buy gifts for little J. I gave her a budget of Php600 and she got great finds. She chose 2 sets of kitchen toys, 4 apliance in all. The first box of coffee maker and juicer cost Php250, then the other box of mixer and blender cost another Php300, she got 4 new toys under the budget. She has money left to buy batteries for all of it. We had it gift wrapped and she had fun opening it at home as if she doesnt know what is inside.

Friday, June 12, 2009


We just came from a birthday party of my cousin in Batangas. He got a good offer to head a Hospital in Sto. Tomas. Part of the package is a hefty amount for salary and a new home. They have instant home in Batangas, a huge house something that most of us dream of. The furnitures are also included, I think money is not an issue when the original owner constructed and fitted out the spaces. They most have rustic furniture, fitting for a rest house. The architecture is a hidgepodge of modern, rustic or what we call eclectic. Not exactly what I prefer so I just kept my mouth shut. The house is beautiful, but I really don't like mouldings and cornice. That is the only thing I dont like.

Random pics

Some random pics that I uploaded from the cellphone...


I am looking for an investment, that is why I am reading a lot about InvestmentForge something that I can put my money where I can earn a decent amount. I am looking for something that will be easy to maintain, something that doesn't require too much of my time. There are a lot of options that I am studying but I havent decided on anything yet.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Should I buy a Wii?

I am planning to buy this Wii package includes everything already. I really wanted to enroll back in a gym but I dont think I can keep up wih the schedule. I am looking after little J now 24hrs, I don't have a yaya and I have so much work to do. So I figured if I'll just buy a Wii and Wii fit I can exercise at home with little J. Both of us will enjoy it. I am buying this for 20k, do you think its worth it? If I enroll back in Golds Gym I will have to shell out about the same amount. This will be a combined gift for me and little J. What do you think? Should I buy it?

Nintendo Wii USA version 1 week used complete package and accessories all came from USA P26,000 *CONVERTED ALREADY *Wii balance board with box *2 nunchuck controllers *2 controllers *2 Driving Accessories Arcade Type *Desktop Charger for Controllers *Mic for singing activities *2 Controller protector *Dance pad pad (Dreamgear) *4 Original games: Wii play, Wii sports, Wii fit, Boogie super star karaoke s

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Real Property Management

Real Property Management is another choice for architects like me. We have a wide range of career choice, most commen is the design, but most Architect's are not gifted or at least not patient enough to pull off this side of our career. Another choice is construction, an architect can either be a designer or the next best option is to be a contractor. If you will ask me, this is the most practical area, the most lucrative too. If you have the exprience to handle construction, deal with the workers and have the patience for the grueling value engineering task an architect may emerge victorius doing this. Then there is the Porject Management, I would say this is the most prestigious career, if you wan to be called boss and feels like it, then this is the option for you. In project management it is a mixture of administration and management, expertise on the technical stuff is not that necessary, you can just ask your staff about it, if you are not sure. I tried all, I've been in design, project management and contruction. If you are doing freelance, just like me you need all three. I hope I have the courage, know-how and patience to do this, so far I think I'm doing well. I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Type your summary here

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Little J's 4th birthday (part 1)

As "Chef Sheffy Celebration", a cooking inspired celebration with the rest of the Espino cousins. They baked cupcakes and made pizza's. I noticed that most of the kids even the parents was surprised on how our party was set-up. They expected the usual, greeting of happy birthday and eating only. The typical Filipino celebrations, they are surprised that the kids really has activity. They are so pleased and happy about it, the kids enjoyed cooking and the parents enjoyed it too. Even the adults enjoyed playing "chef". So here are some pictures I'd like to share with you!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Smells Good

I don't usually Talk Perfume, to be honest I don't use much of it. I use cologne but I very seldom use it too. As I have expressed to all of you, I am not the vain type. I worry about everything else except taking care of myself. I want to change that, I am vouch to myself that I will take care of myself more, at least make myself feel better. Little by little I spend a little to pamper myself. I started with foot spa and nail care, then I bought cosmetics. I just, plunge into it, I bought foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss and recently ordered the 7pc brush set, all from Ellana Minerals. I am loving it, it is so easy to apply and it really makes me look good.