Sunday, April 11, 2010

How's Jea?

How's Jea?

That is all that he has to say and I am already trembling. I'm happy, scared, nervous, hopeful all at the same time. That is what little J's father sent through fb tonight. I just replied a brief description on how little J is doing, in school and even summer class. I also told him that little J has been asking about him for the longest time already and I am hoping he could make time to see her. The last time they saw each other was almost 3 years ago. That was their first and their last meeting. For those who's new to this blog, I am a single mom, the father of little J was forced to stay away from us or maybe he also chose to.

To continue, since little J learned about family, about the father and mother and baby she has been asking about her dad. I always tell only good things about her dad, if there are things that I can't explain like why is he away I just try to veer away from the question and tell that I cannot explain as of the moment, and I will when she's older.

For the first few years of little J's life I tried contacting him, and he wouldn't answer, he is trying to avoid us just like what my father told him to, but I persisted so 1 day last July 2007 the father and daughter met. It was such a wonderful day for me. I can't explain how happy I am for little J. I still cry when I see dads playing with their kids, I still cry watching a movie where the dad reads a story for his daughter. I still cry wishing that someday.. someday little J will get to do that with her dad.  I am still wishing.. and praying that someday they will meet again.. Hopefully soon.