Thursday, June 26, 2008

Litratong Pinoy #6 PAg-aaral

Kuha ito sa unang araw ang pag-aaral ng aking anak. Napaka bilis talga ng panahon at di man ako makapaniwala ay isang estudyante na siya.

Napaka saya ng kanyang unang araw sa eskwela. BAgamat sa unay natakot at hindi bumitaw sa aking kamay, kalaunan ay nagsimula na siyang makisaya at maglaro kasama ng kanyang kaeskwela.

kiddo academy first lessons

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Look ma, I got Stinky..I got dirty.. but see I had Fun!!!

We had a horrible typhoon last weekend. It rained for 3 days straight. Jea has been begging if she could play in the rain. I wouldnt want her to, because she might get sick. Bu I also wanted to because I know how much fun it is to play in the rain. I went to ahe rain countless times with my cosuins and playmates, and until now I can still remember those days since I had so much fun.

We live in sampaloc, and for those in the Philippines, its a commen knowledge that whenever it rains, we will always gonna have flood. Even though so many years has passed and, countless repairs are made in the drainage and streets of Manila we still get flood on rainy days.

That morning we just watched the rain from our window, but come around 11:00 am we her cousins went out to play in the rain. Its already flood and they were like swimming in the flood. So when Jea saw them, she begged some more so that I would allow her to play outside. I was hesitant at first but what the heck. They are kids, and they have to enjoy. They should know how to have fun. She may get sick or got hurt in playing in the rain and the dirty flood water but at least she experienced it. So I said ok, I even went with her to gpo play in the rain.

I put some oil to her backa nd body so that she would not get cold, then off we go. She is so excited, she was practically running down the stairs. As we went in, the fun started. She played and splashed water to her cousins. Nicole, LJ and Riza was all there playing. At first she wont let go of my hand, but when she realized that its safe enough she let go and run with them. She was laughing and laughing. They were catching ball and just running around.

The water was dirty but at least there is no "imburnal" now, not when we were kids. Now, sewer is really underground. I our time, the canal(sewer) was at the edge of the road, and you can literally see the "dirt" floating around.

So that was the first and hopefully the last time that I will allow Jea to play in the rain and flood. But, then again.. we'll see. I had so much fun too..

Wordless Wednesday #7

Playing in Mt. Malarayat Resort

ready to slide!!


I saw this from abies blog. Its a tagged but looks like I dont have enough web friends to tagged so I'll just pick it up hehehe.

How many sq meters is your place, and how many people live there? Eventhough i'm an architect, I never actually thought of thinking how big it is. SO this is my closest estimate. I think its about 250sqm. We live in a building, family owned, together with the whole clan. We are on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. We live with my parents, mama, papa. My aunt Tyang, me, and the boss "my 3 yr old daughter" Jea. Yaya and yaya's son.

How much is your electricity bill monthly? Water?
Electricity - 3500 (my brother pays for it)
Water - 250
Drinking- 400

Other utilities?
House Rent - we dont rent but we are still paying house loan that we got about 10yrs ago when the building was built 7500 (papa takes care of this)
Internet - none... believe it or not I just receive internet signal from the WIFI that I can connect for free. So thanks a lot to whoever neighbor that always has his/her router on.
Mobile Phone - 200. Im not the cellphone addict like many Filipinos
Fuel/Gas - I gave up my car about a year ago, when my father needed to sell it. So Im used to public transportation now. Usually 700 is enough. But since Jea started schooling and we usually take a cab it now balooned to 300per day. Hopefully school service start next week.
LPG - 650
Jea school service- 2000
Jea's tuition - 3300/month
Maids (one) - 2500
Groceries- mostly for Jea's baon -3000 including milk.
House payment for Laguna - 5200 this is also my payment for my loan from Mama.

Other expenses:
Everyday "pasalubong" for the boss- ranges from 20-200 per day
MArket- about 500-1000 per month.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Things to know about Jea (Expectations)

PArt 3,

These are my expectations of what she may learn from Kiddo Academy.


1. I hope you can develop her social skills, to make her feel comfortable with other kids, teachers and new friends.
2. I expect the school and teachers to further develop her strengths. Give activities that encourage singing and dancing to teach her new songs. Children like nursery rhymes. Hope you can inject this in everyday activities.
3. To develop her creativity with drawings and other crafts.
4. Some reading time, storytelling. This will encourage more fondness in books.
5. To incorporate games into their lessons. This keeps them enthusiastic and energetic and encourage more interactions with others.
6. Let them stand up and learn through example, To use their senses into learning things. Shapes can be more retained in their mind if they are shown and actually hold what objects is triangle, round, or square.
7. Kids love to pretend and do role playing. Hope you can integrate dress-up and imaginative activities.
8. You can also use themes that are very close to their heart so that it will have better recall. Like you can make them draw a castle using basic shapes rectangle and squares and pretend that this is where Cinderella is going to, to meet the prince.
9. To always hear English conversation so she gets used to speaking in English again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

English 101

Its only been 3 just 3 classes, on Jea's first week of school at Kiddo Academy but I can already see that I made the right decision. At first 2 days I was really frustrated of what I've been seeing through the CCTV. There was not much that's happening. Very few lessons and activities are far in between. They mostly play and sleep in school. I thought she wasn't learning anything. The very paranoid mom in me, and of course with the same frustrations that I was hearing with the fellow mommies, wanted to go to the school and tell them what I wanted and don't want o see.

And we did, the 3 of us (Owie, Lea and me) went to school to talk to them regarding how we wanted it to be. Asking them what was happening an what do they intend to teach the very precious children. We went there to talk to teacher Jo and she explained it very well. They intentionally didnt give the kids so much lessons and activities on the first week because they dont want them to be shocked of what school is. They want the kids to feel that they are just playing without knowing that they are already learning. The teachers are very accommodating and caring. I was touched to see how they attend to Jeam from her eating, and even carrying her, singing lullaby for her to sleep in the afternoon. I know that they are extending not just an arm, a leg but most importantly their heart into caring for the kids.

Actually I think, its only the parents that are expecting too much. Especially me, since I know that Jea is very intelligent, I wanted them to teach her so much and to push her too much, not thinking that this might do more harm.

For now, I am really happy and appreciative that I enrolled her to Kiddo Academy. I can already see how she has learned. It is really hard for me to train her to speak in English since most people in our home talk to her in tagalog. Now she casually uses English as language for conversation. i am shocked and very happy to hear her say few words and sentences in english. Even nangnang pau is really shocked. She usually talks to Jea in tagalog too, but when she noticed that Jea now speaks a lot of english she instantly became aware to talk to her more in english.

These are some of those english:

We woke up on a rainy day and asked me "What's that?" and I said, "umuulan". She told me in a sarcastic voice, "tagalog?". So I laughed and tolg her, "oh, its raining".

I offered her something to eat.. and her answer? "No, thank you."

We went to buy some markers for Kristo and Sasha too. When we get to the car she said " Mama, we bought markers for Kristo and Sasha."

When she opened a bag of chips, she went to me and said "you want?" then gave me one and said "take one"

When she accidentally dropped her Clay into water she said " oh my! my clay"

When she finsihed washing her hands she said "Im done."

There are a lot more but I cant remember it all.

I know this is very basic english. But I've been training her for a long time already and she really wont speak in english. She knows and understand english but she wont speak it because basically she doesnt believe that there are other people who speak it too. Since she commonly hear tagalog in out home. Its only me and mama who speak to her in english. The rest of the family doesnt belive that she needs to know english. For them, she will learn it on a later age. But for me, she has to use it as her basic and first language since nowadays most kids speak more in english than in tagalog. I dont want her to be left out or to think that she is dumb or in anyway inferior to others. She is so intelligent and making her speak in english is very easy for her if we only train her to.

Things to know about (Weakness)

Of course, if there are strenghts there will always be some weakness. These are some of it.


1. She’s the only child at home and she is used to being treated as special. Because of this, she always wants attention. So please be patient in listening to her. Sometimes she gets bossy because she’s used to getting all the attention.
2. She’s not used to having other kids around, so she lacks social skills and wouldn’t interact much.
3. She use to converse in English, but because she’s more exposed to Tagalog being with the Yaya the whole day, she now talks in Tagalog more. Sometimes she also speaks in “Bisaya intonations”
4. She recites the ABC’s as M,M, O,O, P. I will be really grateful if you can correct it.
5. She usually forgets “rectangle”. But easily recognize the others.
6. She’s scared of cockroach.
7. She sometimes doesn’t tell if she needs to pee if she’s so preoccupied in playing.
8. Loud sounds scare her. You’ll usually know it’s too loud if she starts covering her ears.
9. She is not very patient. When she failed on her first try, she will think that she can’t do it anymore. Please encourage her to try again, and that it’s ok if she failed the first time. That she did very well in trying.
10. Please remind her that she doesn’t have diapers before going to sleep in the afternoon so that she knows that she have to wake up if she needs to pee. After waking up, she needs to go to the toilet immediately.
11. I’m a single mom and she doesn’t see her father at all. But she has “mommy”- me. “Mama”- lola, Papa – lolo, Nongnong- tito and Nangnang- tita we are her family. I will appreciate it if you don’t ask or mention about “daddy”. Or compare her to kids that have “fathers”.
12. She still drinks milk from the bottle before she goes to sleep, although she told me that she is not taking her milk anymore in school.

Things to know about (Strenghts)

To guide the teachers on how to approach our kids in school, we (Owie, Lea and me better known as the "super involved, sometimes paranoid moms") decided to give them something to help them get to know our kids. This is what I've come up about Jea.

Jea is very special to all of as and she knows she is special. But she is not a brat, she is obedient, disciplined, thoughtful, and very smart. She just turned 3 last June 7. We sent her to school to harness her intelligence. She has to interact with other kids so that she can develop social skills. I believed that Kiddo Academy can help me this objective.

We can work together into developing these objectives. So here are some facts about Jea to help you:


1. She is usually playful, lively and talkative. But, I noticed that in school she is usually behaved, stay seated and keep quiet.
2. She has a very strong sense of humor. She’s smart enough to think of a punch line that can really make you laugh.
3. She understands English and can converse with English and tagalog.
4. We talk to her like an adult and hope you do that too.
5. She is very independent and loves to help with chores. I don’t mind if you ask help on little things. Like picking a paper that fell. This makes her feel appreciated.
6. She loves to dance and sing. So please incorporate more activities that encourage singing and dancing.
7. She recites and recognize/read ABC’s since 18 months.
8. She knows most colors even the hard ones like light blue, yellow green, etc.
9. She knows the shapes.
10. Recognize animals and their sounds. She loves animals and has a pet dog (Brandon). A pair of love birds (Giripit and giripat), and (Lucky) a flower horn fish.
11. Her fine motor skills are also good. She can pick up tiny things, hold pencil, can use scissors, and can use a computer mouse.
12. She can open and operate a laptop and can play by herself, knows which button to push and clicks and controls the mouse.
13. She loves to play with puzzles; she can finish a 24pc puzzle in 2mins before she turned 2.
14. She has a very good memory. She likes playing the memory game in the computer.
15. She loves to run, jump, and climb. Just allow her to explore things, but please stop her from tumbling on the floor.
16. She loves to draw and can draw things with complete detail since 2. She draws a fish with fins, scales, gills, tail, eyes and mouth. Dragon, with tail, pointy back, eyes, open mouth complete with flames, and even her favorite Barney.
17. She likes to play with blocks. The first time she got one, she made a pyramid which are color coordinated all yellow ones inside with orange outer borders.
18. She is responsible and knows how to keep her things. But please remind her to do so and praise and recognize her efforts.
19. She can follow instructions as long as it is very well explained. She is very obedient, when she recognized authority.
20. She loves to be praised and appreciated. To build her self esteem. Please don’t forget to say (very good, that’s nice, wow, etc.)
21. She loves books, so please read to her often.
22. She knows how to count from 1-11 and now learning 12-20. She already knows how to add and subtract small numbers as long as she can count it visually.
23. She knows the parts of the body.
24. She like Barney, Dora, Noddy and stuffed toys. Her favorite is Pink Bear.
25. She is potty trained and usually tell adult when she needs to go to the bathroom.
26. She like girly stuff. Sometimes a lipstick can make her stop crying.
27. She loves stickers and stamps. To her stamps is a recognition that she did well in school. So please be generous to giving it to her.
28. She is very creative and likes to color, paint, and play with clay do a lot of arts and craft.
29. She eats by herself, but please reminds her not to make a mess.
30. She loves to play as a chef and calls herself “Chef Sheffy”.
31. She loves cameras and can shoot very good pictures, she pose well too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

First day of school

ang unang araw niya sa eskwela. Bagamat sa simula ay takot pang bumitaw sa aking kamay sa kalaunan ay nakisaya na siya sa kanyang mga bagong kaibigan.. First day... ready for the adventure...
Watching the other kids as they sing and dance during circles. Hope next time she will join.
So behave in her classroom

3rd birthday the continuation

in After Manila zoo we went to Robinsons Place Manila for lunch. Up until then I still don’t know where to take them, as we went up the escalators some hostess gave as discount cards for Gumbo. We went another flight of escalator, but as I computed the bill in my head, we decided to go back to Gumbo. Not a bad deal we had soooo much to eat. We ordered Carbonara, Pepperoni Pizza, Baked Ribs and we also got fish and chips and chicken wings for FREE, all in huge servings. We had a feast. All was so delish. The pasta is so creamy. Ribs? Sarap to the bones. Fish was huge and tasty, comes with the fries too. Wings was a bit spicy, I would have liked it better if it has the same sauce as the ribs. And the pizza? Heavenly. We love the food. For Jea? She loved the corn on the cob. It’s a side dish for the ribs. She didn’t eat anything else, we even ordered another corn serving.

Service was great. The best one was the celebrant herself she served pizza to all of us. I had to rest for awhile from eating. I was so full. I thought I can eat some more but I opted not to. After a while I noticed the crew was grouping and I realized that they are going to sing for Jea. So I prepared the camera. And I was right,in a few seconds, they headed to our table singing. Something about the restaurant and the food that they offer, not really in line with the celebration, but it was fun. Jea was so shocked, she just stared at them. She didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t got the chance to explain to her whats happening. I was laughing and laughing at her reaction. They were giving her a hat to put on but she wont take it. She’s so cute. She didn’t know what to do. But I know she understood what was happening. They brought her a sundae with a lighted pink candle. After their food song they ended it with a “Happy Birthday” and I told Jea to blow the candle and she did. Its as if she’s so ready for it. Or she just wanted them to end their song.

Here are the pictures:

After the lunch we went to timezone. As soon as I got the card loaded, she took it from me and went straight to the car ride. She swiped the card and took off. We on the other hand tried the stacking game. We almost won a cellphone. Almost. While playing Jea run to us and took the card again and went back to the car ride and swipe. She did it for about five times. She loves the game. Its always the one that she takes everytime we go there. We also went shooting balls, and the “bowling” machine.

Fun didn’t stop from there. After the games we went to watch Kung Fu Panda. Jea slipped while we were in line to buy tickets and she cried for a while, but I manged to calm her down after when I showed her the happy meal toy.

At first Jea was ok, she like the lights the line the way to the seats. She’s eating popcorn like it’s the last meal that she’ll take. But a few minutes after the movie started she got scared and asked us to go home already. Again, I convince her to wait for the movie to end. She was also like this when we watched Shrek 3 a year ago. She’s scared of the loud sounds. So I took her to sit on my lap and hugged her so that she will not be scared, I gave her, her bottle and in a few minutes she doze off. It turns out that she’s just tired and already sleepy. She slept soundly while the oldies watched cartoons. When the movie was about to finish just in time for the climax Jea woke up and asked to go to the bathroom. I didn’t get to see how it ended, but Jea and I had fun washing our hands in the bathroom. I know its not quite equal, but I think washing hands is far more exiting that watching the ending. As long as im with the most important person my life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #5

the gift

I know I’m suppose to give her a Kitchen Set, but with the lack of time and budget for it I fail to give it her on her birthday. I will still give it to her next week. When I have enough money for it hehehe. I’m glad Nong nong and Nang nang Pau gave her a gift. I really didn’t expect them to since Kuya already gave an advance gift about 2 week before when he brought home “Lucky” a 5inch flower horn, in replace to the deceased “Buga” that Jea received on her 2nd birthday
>from Tupe. Thanks so much Gudo!!!!!! And Pau.
Back on the new gift, they were already opening the gift when I got home. Its quite an expensive gift, even more expensive than I’m willing to give for Jea. I have to thank my family for giving what I cannot give and loving Jea as much as I love her. They gave her a “castle”, it’s actually a easy to assemble tent, shaped

Turning 3! part 1

We were supposed to go to Lamesa Ecopark but we opted to go to Manila Zoo instead since Papa suggested it and I would like to give importance to what he say. I dont know if he knows it but, I decided to follow his suggestions rather than to pursue the "birthday picnic" that I have planned and ready for Jea's birthday. I told myself, we could have much more bonding moments with Jea every weekend. But on her birthday which I'm sure the Papa will not miss, I want her to spend this day with Papa, on whatever way he wants to celebrate it. Although he missed the Lunch with us, I hope he had fun with the few hours we spent together. I know Jea did. It’s actually a good suggestion; Jea is looking forward to it. She's excited to see the animals. Hope there was a lot more.

Manila Zoo is a lot different from what i remembered it to be. It’s also a little nostalgic to go back there. It’s as if remembering my childhood. It’s not so clear though, but i remembered Papa pointing to the Elephant and I was as excited as what I saw in Jea. I remember him giving directions on how to pose as he took our pictures. I remember feeding the giraffe (I wish Jea can do that too). I remember the orangutan, yes, its the same orangutan that we saw when we are little. Its evident, the orangutan looks so old already; makes me pity him for staying in that cage all those years. I also remember that there was a lion, which we didn’t see on our last visit. There were about 3 or 4 tigers in a pit, but now they are all alone in their respective "homes". What awed me was the arapaima, (huge fish). I don’t remember seeing it in Manila Zoo. I only it this year in Oceans park, on Mama's birthday a few months ago. Its huge, even bigger than the one in Ocean Park.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The day after

June 7, 2005
2:00 p.m.
i tried to stand up and went to the bathroom to pee..its still too walk..
to do anything.. but i wanted to walk so i can see you
4:00 p.m.
..I went down to see you.. im with mama and papa.. like me they
are so eager to see you..and as the nurse opened the curtains..


this is the first time that i got to see you clearly, because i was
still sedared in the delivery room when they brought you to me. I wanted to jump up and down. I wanted to scream..I wanted to cry..IM SO HAPPY TO SEE sitting on the wheelchair and I cant see you since the window is too
high. I was pulling myself up to see you, eventhough it hurts. I cant barely move. I gave all my strenght just to have a glimpse of you. We told the nurse that i wanted to feed you and were told to wait. We waited for 15mins or so,but for me its like years. I wanted to see you. I wanted to hold you. I wanted to meet my angel.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Meeting An Angel

june 7, 2005 first attempt I can feel you coming down..2nd..they already saw your head
..crowning,, dr.arroyo is helping me push.. he is literally pushing you out of my
tummy.. I got bruises because of that.. on the 3rd push.. "
HOORRAYYY!!!YOU CAME OUT!!! exactly 1:56 a.m...
1:58 placenta is out and you are being cleaned up..I didn't hear you cry that's why I got worried..I ask dra why and she said you are sleeping..maybe the pain killer also affected you that's why you came out asleep..
2:00 a.m.
..the nurse brought you to me to see. Still I hasn't heard you cry, but seeing you is so overwhelming. I wanted to take you in my arms..i wanted to bring you closer but my hands are strapped..they are still cleaning me up.. you are SO BEAUTIFUL..
I wasn't that alert yet coz of the drugs that's why I didn't get to really look at you..and I only saw you for a few soon as she walked out of the room I heard you my mind I want her to take you back. She wants her mommy.I smiled
when i heard you cry, as if telling myself..she cried! she’s ok. She just wants her mommy!!Everytime I hear you cry I smile. I wanted to shout,did u hear that?! THAT’S MY BABY!
2:30 a.m.
I was wheeled to the recovery room and all I can think of was YOU..I was
praying to God..telling Him how thankful I am for having you..for giving you to me
(I'm crying now as I'm writing this) I was thanking HIM for keeping you and me safe
through out the delivery thanking him that he let you live...even with all the heartache we’ve been through. Now I know its all worth it..I love you so much baby. that I wanted to cry. Just thinking about you overwhelms me.
4:30 a.m.
I was sent to the room to continue my rest..the epidural still has effect that’s why I don't feel any pain yet.. Mama is waiting for me..we just went
back to sleep after telling her of how you were born...
6:00 a.m.
I woke up and mama is already awake..we talked some more about you,,I'm so happy about her reaction. The epidural is wearing off at around 10am..i can already
feel the pain of the epitome. I was being such a pain in the a**..being so difficult..but mama is trying all her best to attend to my need..she is so I know why..coz SHE LOVES ME AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU..
...dra came to see me at lunch time to see how I am. She lifted the “flat-in-bed” order

Part 1 The day you were Born

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I dont like Plastic

Now a days people are really concerned of the environment. Sometimes I think its already becoming a fad, a fashion statement. There are a lot of celebreties who are endorsing different kinds of movement to protect the environment. And why not? World today is a lot different from the world some twenty years ago. I should know, I experience so many different things that I experience when I was a kid that Jea will never get to know. That's why I thought of making a Memory Box to preserve whatever I feel is deserving enough to be part of my daughters life. Something that i'd like to share to her after some twenty years from now.

So there's the magic word. "PRESERVE". We have to act now, to do whatever we can to help out, if we want our daughters to see beautiful things we have. Malls are doing it, they have this green mesh bags to use instead of plastic bags. Good thing, dont we all have lots of plastic grocery bags at home? Piling up in our counter drawers. Some already became nice condos of our lovely housemates "cockroach".

This mesh bags really are handy they dont just carry our groceries, a lot are vey fashionable. Everybody is in to it. So lets all join in. Help out! Save the planet. Hate Plastic!

Litratong Pinoy #4 Pag iisang Dibdib

Hindi bat pag sinabing pag-iisang dibdib ay kasalan ang nasa isip? Pag paumanhin ninyo na hindi ako aayon sa tema na puro kasalan ang ibig sabihin ng pag-iisang dibdib. Naway hayaan nyo akong palawakin pa ang ibig sabihin nito. Para sa akin ang pag-iisang dibdib ay naghahayag lamang ng lubos na pagmamahal. Para sa akin ay wala ng ibang mas hihigit pa, kaysa sa pagmamahal ng ina sa kanyang anak. At sa padiriwang ng ika-3 kaarawan ng aking anak ay ito ang aking inilalahok na litrato. Isa sa pinaka unang larawan na kuha nmin. May ilang araw palang na nabubuhay sa mundo.

The day you were Born

Its two nights left before Jea turns 3. I cant believe it. Its that fast. Three years... three years... It think its about time to write my experience on that day... 3 years ago.

june 6, 2005
3:00 a.m. back hurts and i cant seem to find a confortable position to sleep..I’ve been rolling and turning all night long...
4:45 a.m.
..mama woke up to prepare for work.. my back still hurts but i didnt pay
to it.. thinking it will go away.. she left at 5:15 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
...i transfered to the room thinking I will feel better lying on bed and went
went back to sleep
8:00 a.a.
...I woke up still feeling the pain, that’s when I started thinking maybe “THIS IS IT!!!!”i got excited and started observing everything. Then I got up and ate breakfast.
9:15 a.m.
I decided to take a walk to fasten the process since it has been the same since dawn.. I’m expecting to feel the pain to gradually get stronger.. I really wanted you to be born so I went to take a walk

10:00 a.m.
...still there was no sign that it will happen any sooner. Mama called up Jing to tell her to stand by in case I went into labor. Now Im back at home I went on to clean the house and do the laundry.
11:45 a.m.
..done with all the chores.I took a break and ate my lunch, I went off to sleep and
take a rest since I’m not feeling any signs of labor yet.
2:43 p.m.
I woke up from my nap and went to pee.. I discovered that I have spotting and immediately I decided to go to the hospital.. I called Dra. Murakami to let her know of my situation. She expected me to report to her about it..I wanted to wait for mama and kuya to fetch me but mama insisted that I go with Jing to the hospital as soon as I can..
3:30 p.m.
JIng fetch me up and we went to the hospital. Im not afraid at all. Im so happy that I can finally meet you.. That I can see how you look like.
I’m so excited!!!

4:02 p.m.
..we arrived at the alabang med and i am still as calm as can be..I went to the
info desk to look for Glo as Dra. instructed. They told me to go to the E.R. and
4:38 p.m.
..mama arrived at the hospital looking so woried, so i relayed to her the doctor’s
assessment. I was on the phone talking to the nurse when she arrived,we we’re instructed to go home since we may have to wait for a long time before I actually gave birth..
5:34 p.m.
..we are now back at Sta.Rosa waiting for me to go into labor. I just lay on the couch the whole time, observing the contractions. Its gradually increasing in pain, but I stayed relax and even ate dinner.
9:00 p.m.
..we decided to go back to the hospiatl since its really painful already and the contractions is 5 minutes apart.
9:00 p.m.
We arrived at alabang med the 2nd time.. this thime Dra. Murakami is already waiting for us. She examined me and to my dismay, she declared that its only 2cm open..still a long way to go, and she told me that the pain ive been feeling is only 20%. I got worried a little knowing the pain will get more stronger, but Im not afraid. I'm more anxious to see you.
9:48 p.m.
we left alabng med to go to Las Pinas Med..we arrived there at around 10:15pm. Mama is fixing my admittance and we panicked a little when we learned that we dont have enough money for deposit, so kuya left to withraw some more money.
10:45 p.m.
..we are officially admitted.. in minutes, a nurse fetch me to go to the labor room. at this point the pain is much stronger but im still relaxed im being comforted
with the thought that this will be over soon.9 months of waiting is over. We can finally move on.I told myself I can do this. Just a little bit more and its over.
11:30 p.m.
..i went on to move my bowel..shaved..strapped with monitor and this time dra is in the labor room observing my progress
12:15 a.m.
..i was given novane to help me relieve the pain.. but its too painful already that even with the pain killers i can still feel so much pain..i remain as brave..i wanted this to be over soon. So i just lay there in pain. Waiting for the anesthesiologist.
1:20 a.m.
..i was wheeled to the delivery room..i got scared..the anesthesciologist hasnt arrived yet. I thought I was going to give birth without 9 cm..Iwent to the whole labor without anesthesia. Its really painful but im beariing it all..
1:30 a.m.
..finallly..dr.arroyo this time I cant compose myself anymore I started screaming telling him to give me the epidural at once.. and he just made a joke out of me. The gang are all in and this is really it!!
Im giving birth,they are in a very relax ang joyous atmosphere. I started to feel the effect of the epidural after 20 this time Im relaxed myself and I even joked around with them. They are kidding around that you will come out before
2am..dra is very eager to go home..I cant feel the contractions anymore but i can already feel you coming out..honestly i cant assess what i felt. I was excited but at the same time scared.

This is exactly how it happened. I am fortunate enough to keep the notes i wrote 3 years ago, almost right after the birth thats why this is really accurate. For those who are just about to be moms this might scare you. But believe me, everything is worth-it. Some may even say this has too much information. I didnt edit it. It is exactly how I wrote it to preserve the emotions of the past. This will also be kept inside my Memory BOx

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful eyes!!