Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your PM

Your PM: "Good Evening, I've been reading your wall today and as you answer a lot of questions I thought of asking you as well. There are a lot of things that are bothering me. First, I'd like to ask if I should stay with my current job, I feel that the company itself is unstable, but the benefits I am receiving now is good.

"2nd, about my lovelife, we are facing a lot of problems and I dont know how to handle it. For the nth time we are apart again, Im abroad and he is is Philippines.

"here is out photos, his full name is ___________________ birthday ___ __, 19__

"mine is ____________________ birthday ___ __, 19__

"3rd, how can i help my daughter, she is suffering and confused because of our situation. thank you"

My answer: Hi _______!

1) Now close to retirement, here is what I will ever say about jobs: There is no such thing as an ideal job, there is no such thing as an ideal supervisor, and there is no such thing as an ideal work situation. If you do not believe that you will simply wander from job to job only to discover, in the end, what I already discovered a long time ago.

Your job is what you make it. Primarily it should pay your bills and allow you to save some money as well. You can actually design it in such a way that it can give you and others deeper meaning and a more extensive outlook on life.

2) It is a bad idea to love someone and be apart from him at the same time. Everything must be tended with care: a plant, a pet, a flame, a work in progress--so why not a human being as well, especially someone whom you are in love with?

3) Children are more intelligent than you think, except that they are never given the right information, which confuses them.

Inform your daughter:

--Why you love your lover, on all levels.
--All of the loves you ever had in your life, leading to this one lover.
--What love is to you.
--What lust is to you.
--Your lover's shortcomings.
--Your own shortcomings.
--That a relationship is a psychological contract between two consenting adults, and that the children need not feel guilty about not being involved in it.
--That you will never make your daughter promises that you cannot keep.
--That you will not dream for your daughter, and that you will allow her to dream for herself.