Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My kind of pampering

For the stressfull life of today, we all need a little R&R right? A nice haircut, manicure, shopping or most people now a days choose to go to spa, for their relaxation. I've tried it so many times, in cheap blind massage or the expensive hotel full pampering spa, but nothing came close to last nights experience.

We were about to sleep, so she gave me the astringent and the face cream to clean my face. This has been our routine as intituted by mama. She was like my personal assistant, she will hand me over the things I need before we go to sleep. But last night, she did something more. She got the bottle of lotion and poured some on her hands then massaged it onto my arms. After she's done with my arms she got my leags and put lotion too. She was so happy doing it. This what I call "pemper" be taken cared of and massaged by Jea. Her little hands feels so good. "she would sometimes say, Mommy, you like it? May masahe pa!" I really love it. So hopefully we will do it every night. Another bonding moment for Mommy and Jea.

After my massage, i gave have pampering too.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Playing with the computer

Jea loves to play video games, she particularly likes the Sims a simulation game where we made our character. She loves to play the game, where we play ourselves, this is also one way of teaching her about things. Because of this game she easily learned that, that mommy has to work so that they can have money. Without it, we cannot buy things or pay the bills. She also learned that there is time for study, work, play, sleeping etc. She learned that if she doesnt eat she will loose her energy, that would mean that she has to go to sleep. This game did not only teach Jea but myself too. I learned that i have to give attention to al;l aspect of my life, my health, my social interactions, that if i dont have enough interactions with people i love eventually this will risk to loosing them all together.

We use to play everynight before we go to sleep, thats our routine, we will playb until i realize that Jea is already asleep or she will tell me that she's tired already. Its one of our bonding moments. She would tell me what she wants the characters to do., to eat, to sleep, etc. She patiently watch whats happening, somtimes guess whats the next action.

Weve been playing video games for months, but I never gave her the mouse to control. Tonight is different, we are playing chuzzle another game that we have to connect at atleast 3 same color chuzzle. Just as before, i control the mouse, and play, Jea as the viewer only. After several minutes, she asked if she could play by herself, meaning giving her the mouse to control. So I gave it to her, I explained her the mechanics of the game but In didnt expect her to understand. But again, she surprised me. She understood, she had a little problem controlling the mouse, she often right click instead of left. She had a hard time clicking and dragging the mouse all at the same time. But after a few minutes, i heard the game siganlling that she got the right answer. So I watched her carefully, it takes a little while before she gets to control the mouse. Undesrtandably since she has a very small hand in relation to the mouse. She amazed me again, she understood the game and in a few minutes she got the hang of it. She did not only understood the mechanics of the game, but she knows how to coordinate all her senses. She controls the mouse and drags the arrow to where she wants it to be and clicks and look at the monitor all at the same time. Only shows that she is really so intelligent. The coordination also show her advance motor skills.