Wednesday, November 28, 2007


In Mommy's Office.... playing around and taking pictures....

My Masterpeice

I'm so amazed on how creative and smart my baby is!!!!! I dont even know that she can already draw with full details like this.... Some babies are still scrambling on how to hold a pen.. and here she goes starting her masterpieces. And I didnt even teach her...

This is Barnie!!!
My pet fish "bugga!!!"
Look at the details, her fish even has head.. eyes..mouth.. gills.. tail.. and fins.
The Dragon! You can even see the tail.. open mounth..feet.. hands.. I dont even know where she saw the dragon.. its all in her imagination...
The little Architect!!! Starting to draw houses at age of 2!!!!! I got my lisence as an Architect 2 years ahead of my batch... considering that Im already 8 when I started drawing little "kubo" like this... maybe she will get hers at age of 16.... Im so proud of you my baby!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007