Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Have you ever been addicted into something? There are a lot of things that people may be addicted to, I would say that the most common ones are the addictions to caffeine and nicotine, these are the simple ones. The serious one would be the addiction to prohibited drugs. There are a lot of sad stories about drug addiction. Those people who may have a beautiful in peaceful lives, leads to life of distraction, violence all because of drug addiction these people get into the bad habit, I would think that there is a time in their life that made them depressed or confused. I understand how they feel. I myself, got into a very bad depression. A phase that I thought was the worst time of my life. I didn't get into drugs, but I would say it was such a disturbing phase. I made wrong choices during those times. I think this may also be the reason how this people get into the bad habit. They we're in deep trouble and in desperation they get into deeper trouble.

The good new is that there are establishments that can help them. Like this one I saw in a California Drug Rehab. What this Drug Rehab in California different is that they focus on your emotions. They do not just cure the habit, but they also try to understand why you get into that habit. They heal not just your drug addiction but also your soul. They focus on the 6-Basic feeling theory. The following basic feelings are understood: Mad, Sad, Glad, Afraid, Ashamed and Hurt. Most of the time this 6 basic feelings are what a drug addict feels. In this California Drug Rehabilitation they believe in the philosophy ART of recovery. To be able to be fully healed from drug addiction, you must able to sustain long-term abstinence, sobriety and recovery, by the philosophy or accountability, responsibility and time.

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