Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Turning 2: Birthday Blues

Jea's turning 2 on thursday June 7, 2007.... up until now I still dont know how we will celebrate it.

  • Option 1 is to just have a family dinner with the immediate family and go to the Big Red Barn for some treats and tricks. Ive heard that its like a giant play pen with rides, mascots and lots of treats for kids.
  • Option 2 is to spend a simply and leisurely vacation with the family maybe in Canyon woods or just check-in in a hotel somewhere. No food preparations, no games and most importantly no mess. we can just go swimming so that jea can enjoy.
  • Option 3 to have a simple birthday party at home, simple food, simple games, simple preparations. The operative word being SIMPLE.
  • Option 4 to have a birthday party in a fastfood chain maybe in Mcdo or Jollibee. No worries we will just show up and the party will start.

After all the contemplating, I ended up setting a Simple Home Party on the 7th for the Espino Clan and a McDonalds Kiddie Party on June 10 with Valerio Family. Its really hard to please everybody......

But if I were to choose I'd rather go with Option 1 - Its Jea's birthday anyway, if there is somebody who should be pleased and happy it would be her. This is the best option that I know she will have lots of fun and lasting memories.