Friday, July 31, 2009

The Architect in ME

Since my world is now more about Architecture as I try to develop my career I recently updated my forgotten blog. It is a blog where I share my thoughts about, architecture, interior design, construction, project management and everything in between. I will share as much information as I can to explain things about this topics. My first post is about colors, how to choose, what to choose. Where to get your inspirations and all. So I hope you can all visit it from time to time. Do it as a gift for me. It is my birthday today!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kids Say the Darnest Thing #12

I know I havent posted much on this site since I've been very busy, but I can't let thing pass. I might forget it and I dont want that.

Last night, while little J and Mama is playing the yaya came and ask what to cook for breakfast and little J's baon. So we asked little J.

Mommy: What do you want for baon?
after a long pause she said...
Little J:mmmmmm, nothing! baka may birthday ulet bukas eh.
we all laughed.

Since yesterday, there was a birthday celebration in school, she didn't eat her baon, instead she ate the food prepared for the celebration and for today she is still expecting that there is another birthday party so she will again eat, Mcdo or Jollibee food. In fact she even ask when will be the next party, because a classmate gave her another invitation whic is scheduled on Friday, unfortunately she doesn't go to school on fridays. So she will be missing that one.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Tribute to Micheal Jackson

micheal jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

We all feel saddend about the death of one if not the greatest entertainer of all time Micheal Jackson. I know this post is a bit too late and I am not trying to get hits for this blog. I felt the need to write this because Micheal Jackson is part of little J's childhood. Yes, you heard me right, little J who is only 2 years old then is a fan of MJ. That alone is amazing.

I was just a baby being born in 1981, at the height of his career, alhtough I am not a fanatic but I enjoyed his music. We all grew up listing to his voice, we all are in awe in every hit that he makes. For me he was just a man with great talent yet still human to still feel insicure about his looks. He is an icon, but we all realized because of his death that he is afterall just like all of us.

I'll share to you why little J at 2 years old then became a fan. She never knew about Micheal Jackson, his fame his songs. She was 2 and she was not aware of who he is. Micheal Jackson was not being talked about then, so she would know. How did little J came to know about him? My father bought a concert compitilation DVD, with a lot of artist, Josh Groban, Micheal Bubble, Akon, Celine Dion and about 2 other artist are included in the Dvd, including Micheal Jackson's concert. I thought she will be drawn to Micheal Bubble since she likes his songs and hears it a lot at that time but when she saw Micheal Jackson she was in awe on how the people treat him. We were watching it in the car and she cant belive how Micheal Jackson did the moon walk, or the anti grawity bent. She was seeing his moves the first time in her life and she was amazed about his talent. She cant understand why people are screaming, crying and even fainting only by watching him perform. She liked Micheal Jackson so much that even if she is already too sleepy she asked me to bring the DVD upstairs so that she can watch it before sleeping. Can you imagine Micheal Jackson singing her lullaby? Well she did, and she played it almost non-stop for 2 or 3 weeks. In that sense alone, we can all say that Micheal Jackson music touched the heart of all of us even for a 2 year old girl who lived some 20 years after his stardom.

I just hope that his music and his message will never fade. I wish that he will continue to touch the hearts of generations after generetions even after his death, To Micheal Jackson, even though I never knew you the way that most of your fans did, heck I am not even a fan, but you touched my heart by touching my daughters heart. I salute you for your music and for trying to make this world a better place. Btw, little J's fave is "Heal the world" she can sing the whole song with the right lyrics.