Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ellana Mineral Argan Oil Review

Jojoba Argan Beauty Oil - photocredit MyMineral Brunei

Jojoba Argan Beauty Oil 
Our dual action Jojoba Argan Oil is gentle enough to be used for the entire face including the eye area. Jojoba Oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin and helps improve supplenss while Moroccan Argan oil is a traditional cosmetic and healing oil that is produced by the Berber women of Morocco. It is currently the most sought after anti-aging oil. High in vitamins A, E and Omega 6. It has an amazing ability to repair skin. May be used as make up remover , as it instantly dissolves and removes all traces of make up.

This is not a paid review, my statement as written on this blog is true and actual as per my own experience. 

I have a love / hate relationship with the Ellana Mineral Jojoba Argan Oil. I must admit when I first used it months ago, I didn't like it. It is good for my skin, its very moisturizing and delivered what was promised on the flyer and delivered what I expected. It helped with my acne problem and gave me a more healthy looking skin. But I have one problem. I didn't like the feeling of oiliness. I already have a very oily skin, and putting additional oil on it only adds to the eeky feeling through out the day, and because of that I stopped using it.

Fast forward to a month ago. I was washing my face after a long day of work, I noticed my facial wash didn't take out all the mascara and eyeliner residue. So I grabbed the Ellana Mineral Jojoba Argan Oil, and put a spritz or 2 on a cotton swab and used that to take out my makeup gunk on the eye area. Then I flipped the cotton swab and used it to clean the rest of my face.  After doing so, I rinsed my face with water then clean it with my usual face cleanser, then rinse again. Whoalllaaaa!!!! Problem solved. I can now use my Ellana Mineral Jojoba Argan Oil, without the eeeekkky oily after shock. 

Just a little tweak in my routine solves the problem.  When I first used my Ellan Mineral Jojoba Argan oil, I did it backwards. I wash my face first, then with a cotton patch I would used it all over my face, without rinsing it afterwards. Hence, leaving my face with an oily feeling.  Fast forward to now. I am very glad to rediscover the power of Ellana Mineral Jojoba Argan Oil.  It is not just a good make up remover, but it also moisturize my skin thus giving it a healthy looking skin.  This helped me even out my skin tone and the most wonderful effect I got from using the Ellana Mineral Jojoba Argan Oil is that it helped diminish my acne marks in a very short time. I've only been using this product for less than a month, and it took out all the acne marks. Something I've always wanted. No need for laser, no need for microdermabration, no need for painful facials at the derma.  I am very thankful for the Ellana Mineral Jojoba Argan Oil, now I don't need to put heavy make up to cover my blemishes.  I can even getaway with using just the Ellana Mineral Espresso con Panna finishing powder.

My Before (left) and after (right) pictures are a true testament of the product. You can see that I have many acne dark spots on my before pictures. If I only have a better resolution camera then it will show more blemishes on my face. The after picture shows that all the dark acne spots are gone, even the small indentation at my upper right forehead is gone. It completely healed all my problem areas. Thank you Ellana Mineral.