Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a fun Christmas Eve, not as jolly as before but its all I can ask for. I don't know what it abut this years Christmas that I felt a little sad, maybe because last year I have so much moolah and this year's was the opposite. That is maybe the reason why little J now feels and understand the importance of moolah.

December 22, Mama took little to her office for the first time. She introduced her to her officemates, this is a milestone because she tried to keep little J a secret to everyone else. In fact at first she doesn't want little J to call me Mommy so that nobody would know. We'll it was the negative connotation of being a single mom. So this year, she finally let it out and introduced little J to her officemates. Little j, along with the other kids went around singing Christmas carols in turn the employees gives money for them. She was so excited getting all the money. For the first time she really value money, maybe because this year she felt the lack of it. She got Php950, she was so happy and and kept on tellingme stories on how she got them. That was morning.

In the afternoon, it was a different story but that should be written in another blog. So as not to spoil the momment.

December 24

We went to SM San Lazaro to buy groceries for our Noche Buena, since we are not in a festive mood I asked for just a simple sopas. That is my only request, we decided not to cook pasta anymore, we just cooked Ribs and Chicken, that should be enough along witht hte ham and keso de bola. I texted my SIL to bring pitchy-pitchy but she said they already bought cake from Red Ribbon and Ice cream from S&R.

When we got home Nong-nang are already there. We rested for a while for some cupcakes and chit chat. At 3pm we started cooking. Nang was in charcge of the sopas. I cooked the ribs and chicken. Everu once in a while we peak in the freeezer to get some ice cream.

It was a simple Christmas, not the festive one that we used to have mainly because we down graded our refrigerator to a smaller one and we are worried about the left overs. We just wanted to cook just enough, so as ther will be no left over at all, since the cake, ham and ice cream already took a lot of space.

Little J was asleep at the strike of midnight, I tried to tell her to sleep early so we can wake her up at midnight but she just had to watch PBB. I didn't get to eat at all, I stayed with little J on the sofa while she sleeps. I'm still hoping I can wake her up, well she didn't she just more cranky.

After they finished eating Noche Buena, its time for exchange gifts. I am glad that eventhough I am realy running low on funds this Christmas I was still able to give gifts to all my family memebers and even my inaanak.

We'll that capped off our Noche Buena, I'll post the pictures as soon I get it from my bro.

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It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)