Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Past and the Future

I know I haven't posted anything for a long time already. My life took so much turn and its very exhausting to write about it, needless to say... the turns are not so much fun, but my life took another turn that is so significant that I cannot let this slip and leave undocumented. I'll start the story with a very significant past.

Back in 1998, I was a college freshman I was playing as a college varsity player for volleyball. At that time it was still CAFA, College of Architecture and Fine Arts. We are still considered as 1 college together with Interior Design, Fine Arts, Advertising etc. I have a volleyball teammate, Annette. She said she knows "fortune telling". I really didn't take it seriously, but I asked her to read my fortune. She just looked into my eyes, and she asked me to ask questions.

* At that time, I just broke up with my first boyfriend and I'm still "hooked" up with him. So I asked mostly about him, if we are going to get back together, she said yes. We will get back together but something will happen that will be the reason for us to separate again.
- This happened exactly how she told me to happen, we got back together and was forced to brake up.

* I asked her if I will marry him, she said no. I will marry my 2nd boyfriend.
So I asked her, who is it? Do I know him already? Her answer was, No you haven't met him yet, hes is not even here yet. But you will meet him. Taking the same course, but he is 3rd/ 4th year irregular student.
- So I met him, he enrolled 1999, a year after this conversation. We met 3 years after. He is as Architecture student 3rd/4th yr irregular student. At time time I already forgot about this "fortune". I was drawn to him. Even though at that time I had at least 7 other suitors.

* That didn't end there. She said our relationship will not be easy. We will go through a lot, and I mean a lot.
- True enough we went through hell, my mom never liked him and from the start he was being treated as if he is the worst person in the world. At first we managed but soon we had to break up, because of my parents.

* The she said, it will take years but for some reason we will still find each other and will get back together. Annette specifically mentioned that we will get back together and I will get pregnant, by that time I am already working while he is still studying.
- 2 years after we broke up, we did get together. For reasons that even the 2 of us didn't know was the right reasons, but we did even if we know it was all wrong. That was the time that I got pregnant and had little J, he is graduating for college, while I'm already working. For the nth time, we we're forced to break up, my parents did all they can to keep us away from each other, hence I became a Single mom.

So I thought this was the end of it. What I forgot is that from the very start of those questions, I asked her a particular question. Who will I marry? So if everything that she said will happen then I should marry him.

* She said, years after. There will come a time that we will be friends and he will just suddenly pop the question. I will not believe him at first, because its just too complicated and he is not the type who will really seriously think about marriage.
- So this is what I dream of, I thought it is impossible. When friends ask me if we will ever get back together? I always answer, there is more chances for me to win the lotto even if I am not betting. That's how impossible it is, and so I thought...


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