Monday, February 18, 2008

Is my child gifted?

I googled "preschool+ manila" for my choices of preschool for Jea,then I got to this site mom exchange, its a blog of Filipino mom living in U.S. and as read her blog about the Kindergarden checklist. Sort of entrance exam for toddlers in U.S. at least in that State, for kids. Her son was 3yrs old when they took the test. Turns out its a lot more complicated there, kids, babies have to take test to be able to be accepted. It was even stressed there that it is a law for toddlers to be tested for kindergarden. Unfortunately for her, her kid failed the test and needs special education. She included a link for the checklist.To read about the blog please click the link. So when I checked it out this is my observation.


I read the Checklist and analyze my daughters skills. I was shocked that most of the comments are shocked about the scissors. I let my baby use scissors, with full adult supervision of course since she was about 1yr 8months. We are doing the gardening and she wanted to help so i gave her the small craft scissors, the one thats not pointed and she immediately learned to use them. I am proud to say that she can do all the skills in the list, actually i think even more. She also learned to walk at 7 months, she was already humming with the music at 6 months. She can sing the several nursery songs before she turned two. She also recognized the letters "O", "S" and "T" at 1 year old. She now knows all the letters and count up to 10. She knows the colors and shapes, whe also know to the corresponding Tagalog words against their English translation. When I gave her Lego Blocks to play with, she formed a Pyramid using all the yellow blocks for the inside triangle and used all the orange blocks for the outer triangle, and I didnt even teach her to do that. She also drew a house, a dragon, fish and "Barnie" when I gave her a drawing board. I didnt even teach her how to draw, I just gave it to her to play with and I expected to see only doodles and crazt lines, but that what she came up with.

She is now 2yrs old and 6months. My mom always thought that shes gifted, and kept on telling me that I have her tested if she are. I never thought that she is, I know that she's smart. That she is advanced againts most kids her age, but i never bother testing her. If I base my kid's ability with the checklist I could say that she really is. I'll should schedule her for testing soon.

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