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Since my blog is the top search for google and yahoo i felt responsible in giving the right introduction for Kiddo Academy. First and foremost I am not in anyway connected to the management of Kiddo Academy, nor do I get any special treatment for writing about them nor do i get paid. I am just a mother of a student there, in fact its still yet to be seen since I just enrolled my daughter for this school year. For what I've seen I like it very much. So I just write it in my blog like any other experience of my daughter's life. So instead of giving my personal opinions on it this is what the brochure states. I'll just simply copy it from the brochure.

Kiddo Academy and Development Center
2nd Level G.A. Tower 1, EDSA, Mandaluyong city
Telephone: 7471383 / 7471375
Contact Person: Teacher Jo

You can also say that you're reffered by: JP Espino, hopefully you'll still get the 20% discount

Vision: It envisions to be recognized as an intitution renowned for the excellent approach to strengthen the foundations of the young minds with emphasis to the academic values and spiritual values in pursuit of excellence and wellness.

Mission It commits itself to create opportunities for the children of today to learn and explore the world around them utilizing innovative, attractive and interesting equipment, materials and instructional methodology to be renowned as the international centr for childrens wellness and academic excellence.

Enrollment Fees: Please call their office(its written in the brochure but its better to talk to them to get discount, just tell them that JP Espino referred you)

Note: Enrollment is inclusive of free membership to the Big Playroom, free art materials, close supervison of the in-house kid proffesionals, medical support services, patient's bed, back up emrgency vehicles, pediatric consultations (by appointment), bathing facilites and yaya care, 100% child friendly facilities, free access to CCTv (Close circuit television surveilance) which allows you to see your kid in all rooms of the school in real time over the internet and much more:

Other things about Kiddo (not stated in brochure) you need to visit to see:

Facilities include:
1. Performance room- with huge TV, stage, and 3 computers

2. Separate Classrooms per level so there's 3 or 4.

3. Yaya or guardian waiting area

Other plus:

- School supplies are included in the tuition fee

- Very, very afordable rates (if you can still avail of the 20% discount, which I did)

- Very, very nice payment schemes, as low as 5,000 downpayment.

- very cute uniforms

- They offer full day or intensive class. In which they teach, and take care of your kids from 7am to 6pm. No need for yaya...

- shuttle service also available

Others I still have to see... so please continue reading my blogs for the updates..


mae said...

hi there

would just like to know if you have the updated email add of kiddo academy? My email bounced back saying the account was already inactive.
Thanks a lot.


hi may,

sorry for the late reply butm that's the only email add they have, you can call the land line instead, looks for teacher Jo.

Jes said...

i really love this school's CCtv!!!

Jes said...

i like to see my child inside her class!!

Jes said...

i want to keep an eye on her and on the teacher!

Jes said...

if its not to hard for the both of us...i will surely try to enroll my kid there heheheh

Jes said...

but regarding with the tuition....hmm let me force my hubby for that ehehhe =)

Jes said...

glad youve found good school for your kid

Mae said...

Hi Architect,

Any idea if the tuition for 2009 is still the same?

sweetytots said...

Hi Mae,

Im not sure about the tuition fee id its going to be the same, but I suggest for you to contact them now, so that you can avail of the 20% discount that they usually offer if you talked tot hem ahead of time. They also offer free summer class for new enrollees. So if you already told them that you are interested, I'm sure they will reserve a slot for you for summer. Sort of trial period for you and your kid nren. I am still very much impressed on how they teach and handle the students. They dont only teach academics but also good manners.
I assure that you'll be happy too.

You can talk to teacher Jo and tell her that I reffered you. My name is JP Espino, mom of Jea.

Mae said...

Hi JP,

Thanks. I already talked to teacher Jo. I'll be scheduling a visit this mo. But still I'm not that comfortable with the shedule of 7am to 6pm. :)

sweetytots said...

hi mae,

if your are not comfortable with the sched.. its ko.. Jea is enrolled for a full day because that is the most convenient for us, since i bring and fetch her myself. We live so far so a full day class is really necessary. you may opt to enroll you kid to ther half day class only.. 8:30-11:30 and 1:30 to 4:30 i think.. I'm not sure..

And don't worry about your kid being in school the whole day, believe me you kid will love it there.. most of the time my daughter shoo me out when I pick her up early.. she really wants to stay in school even longer..

Mae said...

Hi JP,

yeah will try asking them about the halfday classes. :)

Thanks a lot. Your blog was really a great help for me.

Rodney Teopengco said...

KIDDO ACADEMY website is now LIVE at

They have just concluded recently the school year 08-09 and the moving up excercises was a hit! of course, our kids were the stars!

As for my daughter, Pristine Daphne Teopengco, 5yrs -its her 2nd year with Kiddo Academy.. She's just finished K2..

this school practically was Pristine's 2nd home - she started when she was 3, Kinder 1 - skipping 2007 as we were in the US then -- but when we came back, i did not look for any other school anymore.. Kiddo Academy offers a safe, convenient, and loving environment for your kids -- the tuition fee goes around P54,000..

And oh by the way, they have upgraded their CCTV, they now call it KIDDOTV viewable at - wow so even parents abroad can go to school with their kids over the web! they made it even better..

You may call them at 7471388 / 7471375.. Head teacher is now Jocelyn dela Cruz -

-Rodney Teopengco

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!