Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Party for Three....Here it goes again...

We are at the time of the year that I have to plan another birthday party, sure... time really does fly...I just uploaded the pictures for Jea's 2nd birthday now I have to plan a new one.

Ok i really have tight budget this year since, Jea is also be enrolling in school this June. I want to have a simple party that the kids can enjoy. I figured I can just set up a playdate for the kids. The theme for this year would be Teddy Bear since, this year Jea developed a special fondness to teddy bears. Special her special friend "Pink bear". She cant sleep without it. My plan is to have it in a venue where the kids can enjoy. This is all for the kids. Its a "childrens party" right? So id like to have a simple cake made of cupcakes. Then the decorations would be, what else but teddy bears. If i can still afford it I would also like to give away small teddy bears as souvenirs. For activity I can give out cup cakes for each of the kids and let them decorate it themselves. For games we can do a dress up your teddy. I can make shirts, hats and booties, whoever finish first will get a gift.

For snacks i would like to have finger foods only. Maybe pizza or rolled sandwhich in bite size only. No messy spaghetti. I can add up some chicken lollipops. For dessert they can eat their cupcakes. The problem would be the food for adults, sandwhich and cupcake would not suffice. Im thinking or serving Pizza too and chicken, some mojos. I can just order from pizza hut.

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