Friday, May 2, 2008

First Class

April 24, 2008

First Trial Class
Kiddo Academy

The night before I already told Jea that she is going to school the next day. I thought it will not push through since she has high fever that night. She was so sick that she vomitted a few times. I was all eyes on her, I kept watch all night. I kept on telling her that she has to be well tomorrow if she wants to go to school. I kept her motivated so she would cooperate in taking her medicines, and she did. The next morning, I checked on her at 5am. She still has a little fever. But at 7am she was already active and so excited to go to school. So we prepared to go to school. I brought lots of clothes and milk good for 3 bottles. She had juice for baon. She was so excited that she wanted to go down as early as 8am. I told her that we still have to wait for Nangnang Pau because she will join us. But Jea insisted. Pau and Kuya arrived arround 8:30 and we got a taxi immediately.

It was s long ride, and Jea was so active and attentive. She wont take off her backpack for she said she might forget it in the taxi. She also kept on reminding us that we should hang on to our bags. We are all anxious on what will happen. When we reached GA Tower, Jea and Pau are already impressed by the lobby and we patiently waited for the elevator.

When we got in, Pau liked it already. Jea was a little quiet, maybe nervous of the new sorroundings. So we went to the office and I asked teacher Jo if she can have her trial class today. She said ok, but it will start at 10:30am pa, we arean hour early. So we headed to the playroom first. Jea likes it so much, she pretended to be chef sheffy. Buying stuff from the groceries then cooking it in the restaurant. I was a little busy with the phone since i will turn it over to the office that affternoon. Wish i spend more time playing with Jea, rather than being preoccupied with the phone. After some time teacher Jen told us that its time for the class so the 3 of us headed to the AVR. Apparently thats where they do their circles. At first there where only 3 kids then came the others. Jea wont join them. The whole school thing and playing with other kids are so new to her. So Pau and I joined the singing hoping she would join to but she cried. So we stayed with her but still singing with the kids. At the last part she also sang a few lines.

Then, next is the class. We send her in the classroom and at first she still wanted to cry. she wont go in, she wants me with her. But teacher Jen talked to her and showed the stamps and was able to convince her to sit. We watched from the glass windows and as I saw Jea sitting in the chair with teacher and other kids I realized that it is her first class. That indeed shes already a big girl. I got teary eyed at that point. So we watched her, paint all the macaroni answering the teacher and talking to the other kids. Slowly she got comfortable and started to have fun. She made Pink Macaroni necklace.

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