Monday, July 14, 2008

One Step at a time

Its been almost a month since Jea started school in Kiddo Academy. For the first 2weeks, its really hard for me to leave her. She would cry as soon as I let go of her hands. Even if it is just to fix her hair. After that, slowly she learned that I will still leave her in school, even if she cry. I believe it was even harder for me, but I have to. As I go to the office, riding in the bus or walking to the building, the sound of her cry still lingers in my head. I'm glad that Kiddo Academy has CCTV, I can watch her as soon as I get in the oofice and logged in the internet. Most of the time, she's already playing or doing their activity.

Now, she cries sometimes. One time she cried, because she's hungry. So teacher Liza let her eat first before the lesson. The, there's one time that she is sad because she is not feeling well. Later that afternoon she got a fever. Most of the time she cries because she doesnt like teacher Franklin. She is afraid of men, the only men she know is Papa (Lolo) and Nongnong (my brother). MAybe this is one of the consiquence of not having a father. You see, im a single mom. And Jea never got to see her dad. So to Jea's father, Pam. This is what you did to her. hehehe.. She's fine. Just a little scared of men. I just wish she stays that way till her teens hehe.

I am also so thankful of the teachers of Kiddo, they have been very, very, nice to Jea. They adjust to the childrens needs. They even changed teacher assignement, so that teacher Franklin wouldnt be assigned to Jea's class. They even wait for hours if I am late in picking up Jea to school. They even carry and lull the kids if they want when their sleepy. So to the teachers of Kiddo Academy. Thank you so much. For taking care of my daughter, for staying beside her when she's crying, when she's sad, or not feeling well. Thank you so much, for really caring for the kids.

So for now, we are taking one step at a time. Jea, into getting comfortable in school. Me, in geeting comfortable that she is in school.

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MammaDawg said...

Omigosh! That might've made me cry, too! You're so right, though - one step at at time... :)