Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tarot Reading

I went to POEA today, supposedly to process my OEC, but I was only given an appointment date and was asked to just come back. So I went to Robinsons Galleria instead and opted to consult a Tarot Reader.

I would say I was impressed on what came out of that consultation: (Here are the questions and the answers)
1.  Will I be fine in Brunei - according to the cards I will be fine, in fact I will be successful in my career. I will have peace of mind and I just have to relax and just let everything go to its proper place. I should not worry too much and start anew.

2.  Will my love ones be fine here - Yes, they will be alright, I should not worry and them they will be fine.

3.  Will he follow me in Brunei - she said he is still not sure as of this moment. He still has a lot of things in his mind. He is still not sure, and will have to settle all those things first.

4.  Will he eventually follow and reunite our family - Yes! he just have to settle some things and reflect on his own. He needs to prove something first, to my family, me and himself. Its cool the last card actually was a card of the happy family. Such a coincidence right?

5. I asked if he and little J will get along - this is very frustrating for me. I mean little J wont even get a long with her real father? ( I will write a different post about this)  Yes they will, eventually little J will be the one to make her relationship with her father better. Sooner or later, she will realize that her father is a good person and he loves her so much.

6. I asked about the other guy - there is another suitor, who still patiently waits for "daddy" and me to split, this I was really shocked at how specific the cards showed what is happening. 2 cards was about money, 1 card is about discontentment.  According to the reader he will try to woe me with money, although he is a good guy and I may be perfectly ok with him as well, but there is just something that is lacking. Something that will he can never give me.

This experience gave me a little bit more peace of mind. The past few days made me anxious of what will happen. I am too scared of what will happen. I would say that the answers are just what I needed and I would say truthful. Of course, its not 100% sure, but if peace of mind is what it gave me because of this experience then that is helpful enough to ease my mind.
What about you guys? would you consider consulting a Tarot Reader?

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