Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brunei, here I come!

I haven't been blogging for a very long time. A lot of things has happened, although a bit problematic I am looking forward to a another life changing event. I am leaving, for work abroad. Hopefully I can leave in a few weeks, there are just a few documents that I need to finish processing. My heart is telling me to stay, but I know I have to go. There are a lot of things to consider. First, I didn't know that I will spend this much with the documents and all. The medical robs me off so much, it's just too damn expensive. After the medical I am off to get my working visa from the Brunei Embassy (which I will do this afternoon) this is the easiest part if you ask me. Then off to POEA for the other OFW stuff that I have to process or else they will not let me leave. So with all those confusing, expensive and very tiring stuff to do I still have other things to deal with.

The first thing that I am very worried about is Moolah, I have to get some moolah. I wasn't prepared with all the expenses at all, when I was hired I thought they will take care of all the expenses, now I understood that I will shoulder everything even the airfare, Wahhhhh!!!! So there, I was surprised with how much I need to spend. Then, there are also personal stuff that I worry about, my parents and I are having problems as well. Then little J, and little J's father.

I don't worry about little J, she is coming with me to Brunei so at least I will not be worried about missing her, or how is she doing while I am gone. That is the main reason why I took this job offer, is that I can bring her along. The story about her father and I deserves another post, maybe even 7 or 8, haha. There are a lot of things that happened, which I am very thankful for. To make it short is that, we reunited after 6 long years of being apart. Some say its fate, some say its a miracle, some say its divine intervention... haha. Well, I am just glad to have him back and "happy" is such an understatement to express what I feel. I'll try to post more soon.

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mommy jes said...

wow! goodluck sis! good to know you can bring Lil j...buti pede. sinu mag aalaga sa knya? Goodluck sis..sana magtuloy tuloy na ang happiness mo :)

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