Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Great Reveal

I have written few post about little J's father here but no pictures was posted. Our whirlwind romance is so complicated that it is actually more dramatic than those teleserye plot. If I were to write to Maalaala Mo Kaya, it will not even fit to a 1 episode show. Things are just too complicated. Life has so much twist and turns. Our love story started with a "premonition", I didn't believed it but I just realized that all of it actually happened. I dont have any regrets, our love story has been on and off for 10years now, we've been separated a lot of times and a lot means  "a lot" of reasons. Its just too complicated. We've been separated for 6 years, and for some miracle, for reasons that even the two of us cant explain. We got back together. I am keeping my fingers crossed, than even if we are forced to separate again because I am going to Brunei, soon, very soon we will be together again and we will get to say " and they live happily ever after". So guys this is how he looks like.. read the story on sweetytots "father and daughter" post.

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