Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream Beach Wedding

It started yesterday. I received a message from him saying "I know now, I can see it... I know how our wedding will be", I was overwhelmed that he can actually visualized how our wedding will be. We already agreed to get married a few months ago, when we just got back together. Barely a few weeks from the "first" date we he already popped the question and without hesitation I answered yes. We knew, from that time that this time we want to be together forever. So fast forward to present, I am in Brunei and he is in the Philippines, its the 8th month since then we are still as in love as 10 years ago. As if long distance relationship is just so easy to manage. We didn't have doubts, even if we are apart. We know that this time we will be make it work. I knew that he loves me and still thinks of me, but I didn't know that he actually thinks of me everyday, every hour, every minute. I know this is too cheesy, believe me I myself can't believe that this is happening. Its like a dream come true. Last night, we continued to talk about it. He had it all figured out, he even has a music lined up. He already picked the song that will play as I walk down the aisle, the background music as we give our vows, even the song of our first dance as husband and wife. I am actually tearing up as he narrates how he imagines it to be. e even typed the lyrics to the songs which melt my heart even more.
i'll be just waiting for you...i'll be under your stars forever by starlight...i'll kiss you..and promise to be your one and only... i'll make you feel happy....
Now I understood, why we had to go through all that trouble, the chaos, the 7 years of not being together, because we are meant to experience this, the magical ending to our fairytale love story. Venue, theme, guest list, entourage, decor, time, date all set... and we only talked about it for 2 or 3 hours and we already have the whole wedding planned out. Isn't that amazing? So hopefully the problem with the documents will finally be finished so that we can be together and make this dream wedding a reality.

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