Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prom at 30

Day 1 part 2 The 2 person that I’d like to see would be little J and daddy. So I already saw little J, its time to see daddy. That afternoon, after all the shopping, I was with little J and mama when he called. First thing he asked me was, “what are you wearing?” haha. Don’t think of any sleazy thoughts, he asked me if I am dressed appropriately because we will go to Sofitel hotel. So I was shocked, Sofitel? Why what for? Then he just told me to dress up nicely and he will meet me later. So, I went home took a shower and dressed up. Still doesn’t know what he is up to. I am thinking maybe he arranged a nice dinner date since that was one of his dreams to bring me to a nice romantic dinner, something special and fancy. I didn’t have anything to wear; I figured I don’t really have to dress up if it will be just the 2 of us. So I just wore jeans, a nice blouse and black pumps. Put on a little make up and I am all set to meet him. I don’t want him to think I put too much effort haha. Ok, so here it is. I figured I’ll just bring the car and pick him up from the office. It will be easier for me to go home after, since he cannot bring me home after. You see, up to this point because of the entire hullabaloo that happened some 7 years ago, he still cannot go to my place. So our whirlwind love story on its 10th year now is still on a ”you and me against the world” status. So I went there nervously waiting in the car, anticipating how he looks like or what is his reaction when he see me. I am expecting a bit more enthusiasm, since he practically begged me to go home to see me. Saying
“umuwe ka na please baka mapariwara ako pag hindi ka pa umuwe”.
So when he went in, I just drove and then looked at him. Well he was right, about the “mapariwara” he look terrible. As if he didn’t take care of himself while I was gone. His hair is not trimmed, he lost some weight and I can see in his eyes how terrible he has been since I left. He wasn’t lying when he said he is not ok, its as if he stopped living when I left. I left him looking like a “movie star” (of course I am exaggerating) then I came back 3 months after he now looks like a construction worker, no pun intended. So I asked him, what happened to you? He just smiled and said I miss you. Then he offered to drive, so we exchange places. He just kept on staring at me the same way I stare at him. Traffic jam all over it took us a long time to get to Sofitel. So we just sat there side by side, talking about the things that happened when we are not together, as if we didn’t know. We are talking everyday even when I was in Brunei so we still knew what was happening with each other. We drive past the places we went to and talked all about the memories; we were apart for 3 months and it fells as if it was already years. That’s also when I learned why we are going to Sofitel, we are going to attend his high school reunion. I panicked, I should have worn something nicer, I should have put on a little bit more make up. I should have worn jewelries. I panicked, and these guys are well off, from the “rich and famous”. I’m scared I will not fit in. I’ve known him for 13 years but I didn’t get to hang out with his “rich” friends before. Ok, once but that was years ago, I don’t even know if they still remember me. So we got there, I first met his best friend “P”, I met him years ago. So I am still calm that still went fine. I was right, I am under dressed. They are all wearing beautiful dresses, all made up. I felt like a 15 year old attending a junior prom, scared to death if I was wearing the right dress or the right make up. I'm so nervous, but he held my hand. He looked at me as if I am the most beautiful girl that night. So I was ok, we waited in line to register and “P” kept as company, we are chatting like he know so much about me, like an old friend. Then we went in and there are more “socialista” inside, I tried to put the most relaxed face on. He introduced me to everyone, and they smiled and a bit shocked to see me. After all these years this is the only time they met a girlfriend. A lot of them came without a date; there are just a few “couples” that attended. Then I met the other best friend “J”, unlike “P” I never met him, but to my surprise he knew me. He asked me when I came back from Brunei, he knew who I am and probably knows about our 10 yr romance. He is so accommodating, in fact everybody is. They are all so nice to me and they are looking at him as if saying “checkmate”. This is the girl that will actually tame you down; some even gave me a salute. Saying how amazed they are that this guy finally settled down. We are not yet married!!! But I guess, they know, just like how we know that this time it will be forever. So we chat, laugh, dance the night away, enjoying the company of his friends but most importantly enjoying each other’s company. It was just like prom, it was a magical night. We talked and laugh and held each other as if we are teenagers, enjoying the first dance together.


Mommy Jes said...

og gawd ang aga aga mo ko pinakikilig JP! :)) so cute love story ahahahhah!! anu b yan stalker n ata ako ng lovestory nyo,...nweis....ang tigas ng ulo mo sinabi ng mag dress ahahhaha joke! :D ayw mo nun star ka ! ehheheheheheh :))

sweetytots said...

thanks Jes, balik ka pa.. marami pa kasunod yan kwento. I already wrote Day 2 and 3 and damn, its worth 5 or 6 post.. haha ang dami nangyari pag uwe ko.. intayin ang sususnod na kabanata.