Friday, August 12, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Reunion ended at 4am, and he has a 7am DFA appointment the following day.  So instead of going back home to his place which is all the way to the South, I suggested that he just spend the night in the nearby motel. He was hesitant at first; he doesn’t want to stay in that place alone. Hmmm, I know what all you are thinking, but no. I didn’t stay with him. I dropped him off to the motel and I drove home which is just 20 meters away.

So I went home and of course my mom was ready with all the nagging. So I just lay down and keep quiet, tried to go to sleep while my mom continued to nag me as if I am a 13 year old. I didn’t get to sleep at all, so at 5:30 am I stood up and took a shower and left. I will go with him to DFA and also to meet up with my friends from the previous job. Our meeting time is at 6 am. So I called his phone to wake him up so he can prepare also. But! His phone is off!! So I had to go to him and wake him up myself. Can you imagine, going to a motel asking if there is a guy who checked in at 4am alone? It  is so embarrassing!!! But I have to do it, if not, he will miss his DFA appointment and all the plans about him going to Brunei with me will be shattered. So I went there and ask the guard and the receptionist if there was a guy who checked in at 4am, please call his room and wake him up. Everybody was shocked; they said they cannot give me any info on who came in and with whom. I sounded like a wife trying to find his philandering husband haha.  They said a lot of couples checked in at that time, they cannot pin point which one is his room. I said, he is alone, that will narrow down your choices. How many customers check in alone in a motel, right? So I successfully convinced them that I just had to wake him up, because we have to go to a very important appointment. After 15 to 20 minutes of humiliating argument the receptionist agreed to call the room which they think he is in. So we found him!!! They called his room and woke him up.
I was scared that they will call the wrong room well, lucky he is the only one who checked in alone, and we we’re able to trace the correct room. He answered and in a few minutes he is down and we left.......... oopps it wasn’t that easy. He lost the room number and after a few more minutes of looking and arguing with the staff he eventually paid 300 for the lost room number. So we hurriedly left that awful place, disgusted, humiliated, tired, me without any sleep, him without a bath. So you can just imagine how bad our day is going. Now that I am thinking about it, I can already smile, but that was such a horrible experience. To continue, we took a cab, already 45 minutes late on our respective appointment.  In the cab, I checked the documents he brought for the dfa, he doesn’t have the most important of all the “appointment”. So, we kind of argue about it. I am really losing my cool at this point, but I tried my best to stay calm. We are already running late, and another unfortunate event  happened. There is a fun run in the area and the roads are closed, all the bad luck was thrown to us that day.  Since I had to meet up with my friends, and they have been waiting for an hour already. I get off the taxi and walked run going to the meeting place. I was walking faster than the participants of the fun run.  I met up with them for a few minutes while he wait at McDonalds, as I try to talk to somebody inside dfa to let him in, even without the appointment.  Good thing, my friends agreed for all of us to go to McDonalds instead while we try to mend the problem about the missing doc. I left and run again towards McDonalds. So when I got there, he was sitting so relaxed as if there is no problem and even asked if I have a pen. Pissed off, I went to the store next to McDonalds and bought a pen, handed it to him and rolled my eyes. So this is a nuclear bomb just about to explode any minute. That’s the time my friends got there and I hurriedly bought them breakfast, said a quick hi and told them I have to leave them again to accompany him at dfa. 

We got there, I got in first, tried to talk to them that the webpage malfunctioned that’s why we didn’t get to print the appointment, lame excuse right?  So they checked their system and he really didn’t have an appointment in their system. We are sure he has one, we received the email. I was the one that set that appointment. So with all these trouble, we went out dfa not getting what we went there for. To think I even flew in from Brunei just to make sure he gets this one done.

You think by this time the nuclear bomb that has been regaining strength every “malfunction” that we encounter will blew off? No, not really.  We are both calm and accepted that it wasn’t’ meant to be. So we walked back to McDonald’s, holding each others hands and had breakfast with my friends and continued our day as if nothing bad happened. We are both smiling and he is still very sweet to me, as if we did not argue at all. After breakfast, we said goodbye to my friends and we took a cab going to the PTA meeting that is set for that morning. So that was my morning, no sleep, a lot of arguments, a lot of misfortunes, but we still manage to smile and hold each others hands and look at each other the same magic in our eyes, the same as the night before.

He has to go to work, and I have to go to the PTA meeting, and we are already at least an hour late but we still cannot seem to let go. We passed by a convenience store and bought some drinks. We practically spent, 16hours together and we still cant seem to let each other go. I convinced him to go to work and  he finally dropped me off the school, and didn’t leave my side unless I promised to see him again later that night.

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