Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Family Day!!!

Last Sunday, I dont know what got in to Papa's head that he asked as to go to Sta. Rosa. I really dont want to go, coz I want to rest and I know that I will spend some more money, and I really dont want to since I spend so much already the day before, Saturday. But, so as not to hurt Papa's feelings I said ok. We left at around 9am. All of us, Nongnong, Mama, Papa, Me and Jea including ate Luz, the house help. So we drive off in my car. There was no traffic at all. We got there by 10am, we asked Jea to tell us to stop if she saw our house already. We're trying to see if she still remembers. Its been a long time since we visit our place and all the houses look alike so we thought she wouldnt know, but she did. She said stop, exactly infront of our house. In a few minutes they are all doing chores, cleaning the house, cutting the grass, trimming the plants. So much work. This is what we do whenever we come home. We clean everything the whole day, just to leave it again that afternoon and just come back weeks even months after to do it all over again.

After lunch, Mama and Papa got in an argument coz she wants them to come with us to the open house for another real estate development, but Papa wont go, he would rather tire himself doin the chores.

Only the ladies left, me. mama and Jea. It was a long drive from home. We didnt know its that far, if we only knew... In the event Jea keep on bugging us to go back to Papa. So we stayed for a few minutes only. Just enough to have an overview of the project and chat for a while, then we left. On our way home, Jea fell asleep. We all went to sleep as soon as we got back home. We left Sta. Rosa at around 5pm. Mama and kuya got in another argument coz he doesnt wanna go with us to the mass, he insited that he has to change first.

We got in Manila by 6pm, Kuya and Papa, went to change then we went to UST for the mass. I told them I, dont need to go to greenhills anymore. I was suppose to inspect there. But, they said we can still go. We all went together, just like what we used to do, one big happy family. We ate dinner at Le Ching, like what we use to do and had dessert at Krispy Kreme. We had donuts, coffee and lots of laughter. I wish we can do this more often.... Few arguments, but we still end up laughing with eachother...


kazu_11 said...

wow. i haven't been home for so long i didn't know we have kripy kreme there now. do they sell the original glazed doughnuts too?

Anonymous said...

yup...there are 3 branches now, one in greenhills hsopping center, right across mcdo, 1 in fort bonifacio high streets.. if you havent been home in awhile probably you wouldnt know about bonifacio high streets.. its a new high end mall, right across market market in fort bonifacio and another branch in SM Mall of Asia, this is the newest one.. They are to build about 35 more branches across Metro Manila. I know.. coz I'm one of their contractors. we do all their signages.