Friday, January 18, 2008

Quotable Quotes from Jea

On our vacation in Mt. Malarayat last July 2007. We ate breakfast at the Restaurant, all Filipino dishes, tapsilog , tocilog etc. Jea ate rice and eggs. After breakfast, we all went strolling around the golf course, took some pictures. When we reached the sunken restaurant, we saw a flock of ducks walking around the pond. We followed them and quacked with them. It was fun, they would answer as we quack they will also quack.

Then mama asked...."There's so many ducks here, saan kaya
sila nangingitlog? San kaya napunta yung mga itlog nila? "

and Jea answered: "Mama, duon oh! pointing to the restaurant.... Doon mama, dami eggs.. dami dba? Eat tayo eggs!!!!"

One evening, I brought home chocolate bar for Jea, I brought 2, one for me and one for her. So as I was eating dinner, she's already munching on her chocolate. When I finished dinner, I opened mine and have one bite. At that time, her bar is already halfway finished. Then she asked me to exchange with her and I said ok, thinking I can ask it back again, in my mind I can outsmart her. So I gave it to her, we both got one bite from our bars, hers my newly opened chocolate, mine, her halfway finished bar.

Then I asked her if we can exchange again..
"Baby.. change tyo ulet...."
she answered, smiling at me "eh.... akin to eh"

And, no matter what I say.. she wont give it back to me.. She just smiled at me. As if telling..hehehe.. I outsmarted you mom... That's when I realized, that this girl is smart, at 2 years old she can already trick me..

Nong Nong was teasing her one night.. He is about to get married and Jea will be the flower girl. He was teasing her and trying to trick her.. He first explained to her that she will throw flowers while walking in the isle,

then he said "Jea, flower vase ka ha..."

Nong nong thought she would just say yes.. not knowing that he changed the "girl" to "vase" some grown ups would miss this but...

Jea immediately answered

"Ayoko nga Nong nong, kaw ha... nababasag kaya yun?!!"

We all ended up, laughing at Nong nong.. it turns out.. Jea is too quick for him..

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