Friday, June 5, 2009

Little J's 4th birthday (part 1)

As "Chef Sheffy Celebration", a cooking inspired celebration with the rest of the Espino cousins. They baked cupcakes and made pizza's. I noticed that most of the kids even the parents was surprised on how our party was set-up. They expected the usual, greeting of happy birthday and eating only. The typical Filipino celebrations, they are surprised that the kids really has activity. They are so pleased and happy about it, the kids enjoyed cooking and the parents enjoyed it too. Even the adults enjoyed playing "chef". So here are some pictures I'd like to share with you!


Jes said...

wow thanks i really appreciate it ehehhe =) i think sa paglagay ng pancake ako nagkakamali eheheh o kay as apagtimpla eheh at sa lakas ng apoy eehhehehe!

uy galing nmnngidea ngparty ni jea eheheh =) ang saya saya nmn ni chef sheffy =) eehehhe cute tlaga ng pinangalan nya sa sarili nya ahhaha =) happy birthday JEa!!!!

Chris said...

happy birthday! :d it looks like she had loads of fun!

The Phil Guild Guide said...

You are right in pointing out that most of the children's party in the Philippines are typically just about eating sans the essential activities that make the event more interesting and memorable for both kids and parents. We have Jollibee and McDonald's kiddie parties to thank for that as attendees of those parties sort of emulate the experience that they got from attending them.