Monday, June 15, 2009

Little J's 4th birthday (part 2)Fun Ranch

We had a simple lunch at Teriyaki Boy, Fun Ranch for the family. Just us, we'll I could say that I felt uncomfortable with the whole family. You see we are not in good terms, but for little J's sake all of us are there. I am not comfortable not because I have ill feelings towards them, in fact I don't have any issues against any of them. It is a long stroy, but to chorten it, My mom and dad are not in good terms because of some petty things, then my brother also had a fight with my mom. I ahve nothing to do with any of it but they( my bro and dad) felt they also have to fight with, didn't say anything, just kept quiet about it. Well if they dont want to talk to me, fine by me. We've always been like this for years, and I mean years almost all my life. So I am so used to it. That is why I feel uncomfortable being with the whole family.

To go on with little J's birthday, we had lunch and they brought cake and gifs. Little J was so surprised to see Papa. We invited him to join us but he refused and he chose to make a grand entrance on surprising little J. After lunch we let little J ride everything. I bought the ride all you can and we took turns on riding with her. She had a grand time. That is all that matters.

After fun ranch we went to Christ the Kinf Church to hear mass, then off we go to Eastwood mall Toy town to buy gifts for little J. I gave her a budget of Php600 and she got great finds. She chose 2 sets of kitchen toys, 4 apliance in all. The first box of coffee maker and juicer cost Php250, then the other box of mixer and blender cost another Php300, she got 4 new toys under the budget. She has money left to buy batteries for all of it. We had it gift wrapped and she had fun opening it at home as if she doesnt know what is inside.

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Enchie said...

Happy Birthday to J!