Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Web hosting Geeks

have you heard of this website, web hosting geeks? Yes they are about web site hosting, but they are more to just hosting. On this website, they make it a point for layman just like me and any other ordinary blogger to understand how it works. I and like million other bloggers doesn't know anyhting about web hosting. IN this website, they compare all the sites or at least the top ten site that offer website hosting. You can see their positive and negative points. The site tries to explain as clear as possible the benefite of each service, they also differentiate the packages from each other. It has been and still is a challenge to me to learn all those geeky stuff about, web hosting and web in general. For me all I know is to write blogs, that later did I know that I have to learn a lot of other stuff. I didn't know about domain, pageranks, comments and even on how to check how many visits does your site gets everyday. At first I wouldn't care much but I learn to understand or at least try to understand what are these all about. I still need a lot of help and I get all the help by browsing more on the net and asking alot of bloggers. I am lucky to find a lot of blogger friends who actually gives honest and answers to my stupid questions. To all of you I am very thankful.

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