Saturday, October 17, 2009


The American made a different choice when they voted Obama for president. Most say it is a risk making him president, a lot has different views about it. Some say that Obama didn't deliver what they expected him to do. Some say he is not good enough. Some say he is doing a great job with the economics. Being a Filipino, it really would not matter much for us, but we do care. If the United States rise up from the economic fall, most likely it will also pick up our economy and the rest of the world as well.

What I noticed is that, even with the different views of the world about him being the president, one thing is obvious. He made quite a stir with the United States politics, with the Americans and even in the whole world. He made a statement that even an underdog can emerge as a winner. More Americans took notice, more people gave a damn about politics, about their leader. That is what I wish for the Philippines, for more people to take notice, to actually care about our government, about our leader. We should all make our own contribution on how to make things work. We should give a hand if we want our country to rise. We should all exercise our right to vote. We should all give a damn about our own economy just like how the Americans cared about Obamanomics


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