Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rio, sorry but I have to let you go.

Rio is my car, she got broken because of the flood. Tomorrow a mechanic is going to check if he can do something about it. The main problem is the computer box, it got broken because my cousin made a mistake of starting the car, even if we told him several times not to. Now I have to worry about the repair of the car, well It wont be better if I look for somebody else to blame. Rio will be fine after tomorrow, in fact it will be better than before, but I still have to let her go. I really need some money now, I will use it to start over. I am thinking of putting up something else, something that will earn monthly. I don't want to give on construction because I am honestly happy about it. I believe I am doing good with my just I just have to learn not to be so nice, I just have to be strict with the collections. Hopefully sooner or later I will have savings to buy another Rio, I'll check the used cars on sale.

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