Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Web hosting Geeks

Have you visited the site webhostinggeeks. I revistedit recently. My domain name for my other blog just expired so I had to research on what to do about it. I wasn't the one who registered my domain name so I had no clue on how to do it. So I looked around and tried to find web site hosting something that can help me take back my blog. I left a message for the blogger who helped to ask for more help, this time the renewal of my domain. She said she didn't recieved any email regarding this. She told me that she is willing to help me out but she cannot remember the user name and the password. She believes that I should be the one to do it, she didn't recieved any email notifications. She told me to check my inbox if I recieved any of it, and I said yes I did. So it should only mean that I was the one who registered it. So I tried all the username that I would use to I can access my account, but unfortunately I was not able to access my account.

Then I got scared, a messaged popped out that says the account will be locked because of 3 attempted access. If it got locked it will create more problem for me. What I failed to see is the reset password button. I tries it and it was so easy to change the password, and because of that I was able to access my account and subsequently renewed my domain. I checked the webhostinggeeks site to learn more about web hosting, domain registrations, forum among other stuff. What I like about it nis that everything is included in the site. It can answer you every question. There are comparsion table for every service and site which is wonderful. You can compare apple to apple. So in just a few minutes, some click of a button I was able to renew it. It wast not that hard. I did it. Now my other site sweetytots is already up and running.

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