Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cute routines

When she wants to drink milk:

1. Ask "mommy me-melk?"
2. If I didnt respond she would say "Ate me-melk?", "Mama me-melk?" and so on
3. She will say that over and over and over again "mommy me-melk" until the bottle is in her hand.
4. As soon as she gets the milk she will say "Mommy... ga... higa" asking me to lay down beside her.
5. She then scratches her hears until she goes to sleep.

Sometimes she would ask for pooh first, her pillow or sometimes she would ask for a 2nd or a 3rd bottle.

When she wakes up in the morning:

As soon as she wakes up she will wake up everybody beside her, most of the time that me and mama.... and as we open our eyes she will have that bright smile on her face and say "eat rice!!" she's hungry and asks us to cook breakfast.

As she stands up and kiss us, she would say "Papa" "up", pertaining to papa and that she will go and wake him up. with the 2nd call "Come, mommy" "papa...up" climbs up the stairs with the very wide grin on her face and knocks on papa's door. She would say...papa....knock..knock... papa..knock..knock... as her opens the door,, she would scream "papa"...

We then goes down and as we set the table, she will make a cup of coffee for papa. Getting a teaspoon of coffee, milk and sugar (of course being guided by papa) then stir it all together. After breakfast she will automatically get Papa's vitamins and get 1 capsule. Put it in her hands and turn it arounf and around.. as if doing magic, then pass it to her other hand. Most of the time she would drop it and just laugh. After that its her turn to take her vitamins and she will take it both without hesitation.

Bath Time

She knows this by heart, i dont even know how she knows what time is it but by exactly 8:30 am she would go to me and say "ligo...ligo"...."bath...bath" while scrubing her head. No matter what, we have to go and take a bath, this is the one thing that i cant her out to wait just a little, coz sometimes or most of the time im in a middle of something when she calls for bath. She will pull your hands to go up the stairs.. sometimes she even gets her towel and dress just for me to follow her. She really loves the water, she loves bathing and swimming.

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