Tuesday, May 8, 2007

say "love you mommy!"

We were hanging out together just watching tv and eating tons of gelatin, i thought of recording her voice, just anyhting she will say. I realized this is also one of the ways that i can forever keep her memories as a baby.. So i asked her to sing.. and she sang.. i asked her to count and she counted.. i asked her to say lots of other thing.. and she did.. but when i asked her to say "love you mommy!" she didnt say a word.. she just kept silent but automatically hugged and kissed me, as if saying,
mommy i dont have to say it, just look into my eyes, feel my touch and listen to
my heart..

From that I realized, i dont have to record her voice. Her voice, her memories, will be forever in my heart just like how she stores her feelings for me in her heart.

for my little baby this is whats inside my heart, i dont have to say it outloud
its forever and ever will be screaming I LOVE YOU!!!

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