Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My baby's addiction to Wowowee

A few days ago.. when there was nothing else to do.. we were just watching tv. And as i was surfing the tv channel she asked be to turn it to "wow..wee...wee" on a very demanding note, and she even told me to

"lipat!!!!! two... twoooo!!!!"

I tried to tell her that I cant, its already 4pm and no matter what magic I do, I cannot make Willie Revillame -host of the Wowowee show- to appear on tv. But of course its not easy for a baby like her to understand that, she kept on insisting for me to turn the channel to 2. I tried to tell her.. I tried diverting her attention.. I tried giving her milk.. but she is really persistent. She started to get mad, and thought i just dont want to give in to her demands. She started making faces, and that "tampo" look in her eyes. Nothing stopped her from wanting to see "woweewee" until she started kicking me and then cried. I tried to comfort her, but she continued crying, then she started singing.. doo...doo..doo...dah...dah...dah...ah..hah..hah..

The whole experience is really funny and amusing. That a tv show matters so much to her. This is just one evidence on how much "Wowowee" touches each and every Filipinos lives. This only shows that Willie really touches the heart of those who watch the show...even the most little ones that doesnt even understand the concept of the show.

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