Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jea the Architect

I was based in Laguna to supervise some of my projects, so i had no choice but to bring jea with me. With the absence of her yaya (not that i mind not having them, i think its even better now that they are gone), I have to attend to jea's needs, do the chores, drive for mama, and of course work. So our routine was to drive mama to office at 6am and eat breakfast as fast as we could when we get home, clean up the house then go straight to the shower and hurriedly drive to work. We have to do all that in a span of 1 1/2 hours. Its good that I can work in the office and not to physically supervise at the site. We draft some plans in my laptop, attend meetings, do estimates and look after jea at the same time. We did that for 4 days, thank god my baby is a little scared of the workers so she would behave in the office. She met new playmates, kuya poy is her favorite, and like the slide in the playground. She also like watering the plants and washing dishes.

Its really an exusting 4 days that we spent in Laguna, but its also such a fun time. Experiencing simple life, away from the chaotic Manila life. Bonding time with jea. I can rest now, as i spend 3 days in Manila, next wednesday we will do it all over again.....

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