Friday, October 18, 2013

My Answer to Maria Kang

This photo has gone viral on facebook, a picture of a 23yrd old mom of 3 boys, fit and sexy in her skimpy exercise gear.  I would have not noticed this since I am busy with work but my own boyfriend posted a this on his wall which forced me to take a look at MariaKang. I dont know what other moms feel about this, and usually I will just let this pass me by. But since my own boyfriend, who is the father of my child posted this, I felt I had to answer.
Rough Translation: Filipina's are extraordinary. Maria Kang you are a legend. Hope a lot of moms will follow you.
First of all, I am not offended by the "whats your excuse" tagline on her photo. I admire her that she has kept her body looking like this. In my own experience, it is not that hard to look this good after you give birth. I myself looks this good when I just gave birth.I gained weight years after that.  A lot of moms, was giving negative comments about her posing like this and with that tag line. It is as if, other moms who doesnt look like her is just giving an excuse to not look that good. She is proud of her body, and she should be. It entails a lot of work to look that good. I am happy for her.

Since my boyfriend posted this on his facebook wall. I would like to answer her tag line. "whats your excuse?" and this post is specially dedicated to my boyfriend.
1 year after giving birth
2 months after giving birth

1. I looked this good when I was 23. In fact, I just gave birth to your daughter at 23.  You cant expect my 32 year old body to look like that. Yes age is a big factor, as we grow older our metabolism slows down, thus making it more difficult to lose weight. Just look at my 23 year old pictures, I can wear that same skimpy gear and look as sexy, only I am prettier than Maria Kang.
2. If you have 3 kids in 3 years, like Maria Kang did, yes it is much easier to keep that body. Breast feeding is a natural fat burner and if she was breast feeding non stop for 3 years yes she will still look that good. She didnt even had to exercise that much. What the exercise did was the body toning for her 6 pack abs, but breast feeding will keep the weight off even without exercise.
3. Since you are an "absentee dad" , i had to work to keep our baby alive. That means, I dont have time or money for gym or other exercise, make myself look good stuff. Heck, I wasnt even getting a hair cut for a long time. So spa, mani/pedi, facial, make up and getting a photoshoot is not in my budget list. Maybe if you were there to support us. I could have pampered myself.
4. In my opinion, yes she is pretty and sexy in that photo. But I am as pretty and sexy as her, some some say I am sexier than her, even if I gained weight. Just check out my photo below.
This is me Now! If I am not pretty and sexy for you, then there is something wrong with your eyes!!!!
I still have a lot to say, but I have to go now and spend time with what matters most, family. I will continue this post soon...

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