Sunday, October 6, 2013

Topics for Blogs

Wahhhh! I have so many things to say. So many things to blog about. I've been gone for a looooong time, and now that I am back to blogging. It's as if I am so excited again to tell everybody or one person who accidentally stumble onto my blog. I have so many stories to tell. So many photos to share. While my adrenalin is still on peak. I will write them all in one sitting and schedule it for publishing. So here are the topics that you will expect to read on my blog.

My pandesal recipe: Hit or Miss
How I Got a FREE House. (and everything in it is free too/ including rent)
How cheap it is to live in Brunei. (This will shock you! Stay tuned!)
My New Work.
Filipino Beggar in Brunei
Life Cycle of A Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Stay tuned!! I will be writing all day today. Leave me a comment.

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