Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life Cycle of a Choco Chip Cookie

Okay, the caption in the picture is not the typical caption you expect to see on a Choco chip cookie recipe, but if you think about it, this caption is true in comparison to our life cycle. Let me discuss further below:

Conception - the ingredients are prepared but still needs to combine together to form something. Very much the same as on people. The eggs and sperm needs to bind together to form something. No need to discuss in detail.

Childhood - ingredients are mixed together but still not looking quite there yet. It is like when we are kids, the parents, school, environment are trying to add instill something to us. We are still trying to learn, about ourselves, about life, about everything. But we are not quite there yet as we still don't know for sure what we want to be, whats our goal, whats our purpose. We just try to absorb everything we can absorb, and hope that whatever we absorb, will help us to be a one wonderful person.

Puberty - This is the actual baking process. I believe, puberty is very much like this process. At puberty we are exposed to a lot of peer pressure, we are forced to face a lot of changes in our body, our life and everything else. In baking, the heat is giving this pressure and the cookie is going through a painful change, and although it maybe hard to go through, most of the time. If we we're "mixed" with the right ingredients we turn out ok.

Adulthood- Let the cookie rest. After baking, we let the cookie rest on a drying rack to release the heat and let it cool down a bit. In reality, Adulthood is the same. Yes we can still feel the heat, but little by little we let ourselves cool down. We have to let our self relax a bit, or else we may crumble. This is the time that we are still under pressure, but the heat from the "baking" process made us mature enough, so we can handle the pressure gracefully.

Retirement - Cookie Stored - After the painful process of baking and resting. We then go to retirement (although im not there yet) I am still in the "let the cookie rest" period. Sometimes I fell like Im still in the "baking process", or in deeper thought I may still be in the "mixing process". Retirement is the time, that we go into seclusion, stay somewhere quiet, something we are comfortable with and relaxing doing nothing but stare outside the cookie jar and watch the chaos of the outside world from within.


Death - ultimately, we all die a horrific death... haha..being eaten. If you think about it, even this part is true. In time for our death, we get eaten and swallowed in earth, six feet under. During this time, we just hope that when that happens, we are mixed right, baked right, rested enough, to give a delicious and satisfying treat to the earth that swallowed us and to those we left behind.

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