Sunday, October 6, 2013

Long Hiatus

Hi, I know I haven't posted a blog for a long time, the reasons? I got busy, depressed and lazy among other things. Now that I have a little bit more extra time, I would like to get back to blogging.  I know, there are very few people who reads my blogs since I wasn't active for a very long time. This is perfectly fine for me. I started this blog years ago to find solace, to express myself. I didn't intend to earn on this blog, nor have a vast readership. Now that it is back to that again, meaning no more readers, no more pay blogs, no more advertisements. I don't need to worry about statistics, pagerank, etc.

But my blog is still open for public, and if there is somebody else in the world who bumps into my blog every now and then. I will appreciate if you will comment on the post, I would love to interact to with you. So this is me now. I must admit, I do miss blogging, I miss interacting with the bloggers. I miss going to events and meeting new people. I wonder if blogging is the same here in Brunei. I wonder, if there are many supporter for bloggers as it is in the Philippines. What I know, is that they do love to go online. Everywhere you go, people have their faces glued to a tablet,or a phone. I just don't know if they recognize the power of blogging here. If they know how to use is for marketing, for media exposure. Hmmm! Interesting subject. I will soon discover, if blogging effective as a marketing device and if it is applicable to the Brunei market.

For now, I am leaving you guys with my recent photo. 


Chris said...

hello! :D glad to read a post from you ;)

sweetytots said...

Hi Chris, nice to hear from you again, I read your blogs once in awhile too. I just dont leave comments. The kids has gotten so big na. Your are doing a great job.

Sherry said...

wow you look great :D