Friday, October 25, 2013

Interior Design - Lobby

This is an Interior Design for a Redevelopment I did a few months back. Looking at it again makes me realize that there are hit and miss in this design. I do like the play of lights and shadows for the textured back wall for the reception area. I like the choice of materials, a mix of dark wood stained accents, a glossy marble flow and even the 2-tone reception counter. I like how it all came together and set a cozy relaxing mood.  What I didn't like is the display cabinet and seating area under the stairs. A seating area would be fine, but that display cabinet is absolutely horrible. It should not be there, the scale is wrong, the placement is wrong, the ergonometrics is wrong.

I realized one thing, that for me to get better in what I do, I should criticize myself more. I should go back to the things I did and try to learn from it.  If we think about it, the same rules apply when it comes to life. We will only learn and get better as a person if look back and try to see the mistakes that we did, to understand it more and to analyze.  In lieu of that, I would like to set Friday as my day to look back at my previous Interior Design works and criticize myself. I am excited of the things that I will learn.

How about you? What do you think are the hit and miss in this rendering? Which part do you like and what are the things I should improve on. I appreciate your comments. Let me know your thoughts.

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