Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cute routines

When she wants to drink milk:

1. Ask "mommy me-melk?"
2. If I didnt respond she would say "Ate me-melk?", "Mama me-melk?" and so on
3. She will say that over and over and over again "mommy me-melk" until the bottle is in her hand.
4. As soon as she gets the milk she will say "Mommy... ga... higa" asking me to lay down beside her.
5. She then scratches her hears until she goes to sleep.

Sometimes she would ask for pooh first, her pillow or sometimes she would ask for a 2nd or a 3rd bottle.

When she wakes up in the morning:

As soon as she wakes up she will wake up everybody beside her, most of the time that me and mama.... and as we open our eyes she will have that bright smile on her face and say "eat rice!!" she's hungry and asks us to cook breakfast.

As she stands up and kiss us, she would say "Papa" "up", pertaining to papa and that she will go and wake him up. with the 2nd call "Come, mommy" "papa...up" climbs up the stairs with the very wide grin on her face and knocks on papa's door. She would say...papa....knock..knock... papa..knock..knock... as her opens the door,, she would scream "papa"...

We then goes down and as we set the table, she will make a cup of coffee for papa. Getting a teaspoon of coffee, milk and sugar (of course being guided by papa) then stir it all together. After breakfast she will automatically get Papa's vitamins and get 1 capsule. Put it in her hands and turn it arounf and around.. as if doing magic, then pass it to her other hand. Most of the time she would drop it and just laugh. After that its her turn to take her vitamins and she will take it both without hesitation.

Bath Time

She knows this by heart, i dont even know how she knows what time is it but by exactly 8:30 am she would go to me and say "ligo...ligo"...."bath...bath" while scrubing her head. No matter what, we have to go and take a bath, this is the one thing that i cant her out to wait just a little, coz sometimes or most of the time im in a middle of something when she calls for bath. She will pull your hands to go up the stairs.. sometimes she even gets her towel and dress just for me to follow her. She really loves the water, she loves bathing and swimming.

Additional Secret Codes and Translations

Here are a few more of her secret codes:

pop-pop = laptop
inan = unan
akdo = Mcdo
mok = gamot (pertaining to her rash ointment)
yuck = truck
ko-kok = chicken (from ko-ko-ro-kok)
pa-pers = diapers

I will not list down other words that she knows, basically she can say every word she hears.

Keeping Promises

The whole family went to go shopping to Greenhills, and on our way there I told Jea that we are going to go shopping and mommy will buy her shoes. We arrived very late, around 7:30 pm, and we used another 15 mins to park our car. When we get in, we went straight to the cellphones area coz mama has to buy one. I, on the other hand had my cellphone repaired. In short we all forgot about jea's shoes until the store closed down. We went home as usual, not thinking that jea( she was just 1 and 1/2 yrs old then) was contemplating about the shoes that I promised her.

On our way home, we noticed that she kept herself awake but very quite, very unsual for her. Most of the time she would be asleep at that time of the night and most especially while riding a car. But she didnt sleep, kept herself awake until we get home.

As soon as we got home, as I put her down on the sofa she looked at me and said

Wa?! Shoes?!...
Wa?! Shoes?!...

With a very demanding tone. She was looking for the shoes that I promised her, that's the time that I learned that she REALLY listens, she really listen and understood everything that I tell her. She was asking why I didnt keep my promise. I was very guilty and at the same time proud. Guilty because I didnt kept my word and proud because at that very young age she knows how to listen, she understood, and most importantly she knows that every promise has to be kept.

The next morning, we went back to greenhills and bought her shoes, and a bonus new toy . This is a lesson for me. I have to keep my promises or I'll go broke.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Very First Movie

Mama (jea's grandmom) wants to see how jea would react on watching movie, she has never been in a movie house and we dont know if she's ready. She's only 1 and 11months. We first planned to take her to spiderman 3 movie, but we are glad we didnt, she would have cried the whole time with the loud sound effects and horrifying characters. The next movie would be Shrek 3, and we thought it would be perfect, its like cartoons only in the big screen. Weeks before we already introduced her to Shrek by buying Mcdo happy meal toys. We got her Shrek and Fiona charcter toys, and she liked it so much, so we thought she is ready.

Its monday and our planned first screening for jea. We went to watch in shangri-la, a whopping P170 per ticket, she should like it coz it would be just a waste if she would cry and force us to leave the movie. We have imagined her that as soon as she enter the movies she would say...

Mommy......mumu!!!!Light...light... turn on light....Pleaseeeeee!!!

And we were right, as soon as we entered the door she said exactly what we thought she would say. On the way to the mall I already explained to her the it will be dark, and she should not be afraid, that there is no such thing as "mumu".

Going to our seats was no problem, there was 3 seats one for each of us, Mama, Mommy(Me) and Jea. At first she liked it and played with her seat as it goes down when she pushed and automatically folds up as she released it. But when the lights were turned off, she also automatically reached for me and sit on my lap. If only we could buy only 2 tickets since we know that this would happen....

We didnt buy any snacks no popcorn nor drinks, since we know that this could be troublesome. We dont know if she would throw the popcorn to others or just poured it to herself. Instead we opted to take snacks before the movies. We ate at wham burger and she only ate fries. It was funny that she liked it so much that she ate fries one after the other even if its still hot. Every bite, she would say hot!!! but continued on chewing them, dipping it in too many ketchup before taking another bite.

When the movie started, our adventure also started, we would watch her every move and every reaction, we like to know if she will like it or get scared. We would like to see if she can already understand or at least react on the scenes. Yes, she may be too young to understand, but jea surprise us in so many things. Theres a lot of things that she can do that baby her age still cannot. She's so advanced that mama even thinks she's gifted. And surprised us she did!!! She understands, and react on every scene, when the villain came she would ber scared, when the scene is funny she woulf laugh. At first it was ok, she enjoyed it but after 15mins she said "finished" pointing to the direction out. Maybe she got bored, maybe she got scared, or maybe she just doesnt like the big green thing on the screen. And she did that every 5mins. We tried to convice her to wait and it will be over soon, and the smart and nice girl she is she would say "opo", "ok", "wait jea". and so finally after every "finished?" the movie ended. But the fun didnt stop there.

Since it was her first time to watch a movie, I took pictures to document the event. When we went out to the lobby I asked her to pose beside the poster of shrek and she did. Then as we go down the stairs I took another picture, after her 3 shot I told her that we are ready to go, and she wasnt!!!? She wanted more shots, and she posed, she decides on her pose, and everybody was amazed and how good she posed, she know what to do, what angle would be good for her, some of the people are already looking at her and she didnt mind. She just posed, smiled, and looked pretty. That's all she wanted.

Its not the movie that she liked its just the photoshoot. I can already imagine what her dreams would be. I think she's going to be a model.... but then again...there is a lot of other things that she is good at...

Ill post the pictures some other day......

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jea the Architect

I was based in Laguna to supervise some of my projects, so i had no choice but to bring jea with me. With the absence of her yaya (not that i mind not having them, i think its even better now that they are gone), I have to attend to jea's needs, do the chores, drive for mama, and of course work. So our routine was to drive mama to office at 6am and eat breakfast as fast as we could when we get home, clean up the house then go straight to the shower and hurriedly drive to work. We have to do all that in a span of 1 1/2 hours. Its good that I can work in the office and not to physically supervise at the site. We draft some plans in my laptop, attend meetings, do estimates and look after jea at the same time. We did that for 4 days, thank god my baby is a little scared of the workers so she would behave in the office. She met new playmates, kuya poy is her favorite, and like the slide in the playground. She also like watering the plants and washing dishes.

Its really an exusting 4 days that we spent in Laguna, but its also such a fun time. Experiencing simple life, away from the chaotic Manila life. Bonding time with jea. I can rest now, as i spend 3 days in Manila, next wednesday we will do it all over again.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My baby's addiction to Wowowee

A few days ago.. when there was nothing else to do.. we were just watching tv. And as i was surfing the tv channel she asked be to turn it to "wow..wee...wee" on a very demanding note, and she even told me to

"lipat!!!!! two... twoooo!!!!"

I tried to tell her that I cant, its already 4pm and no matter what magic I do, I cannot make Willie Revillame -host of the Wowowee show- to appear on tv. But of course its not easy for a baby like her to understand that, she kept on insisting for me to turn the channel to 2. I tried to tell her.. I tried diverting her attention.. I tried giving her milk.. but she is really persistent. She started to get mad, and thought i just dont want to give in to her demands. She started making faces, and that "tampo" look in her eyes. Nothing stopped her from wanting to see "woweewee" until she started kicking me and then cried. I tried to comfort her, but she continued crying, then she started singing.. doo...doo..doo...dah...dah...dah...ah..hah..hah..

The whole experience is really funny and amusing. That a tv show matters so much to her. This is just one evidence on how much "Wowowee" touches each and every Filipinos lives. This only shows that Willie really touches the heart of those who watch the show...even the most little ones that doesnt even understand the concept of the show.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

miss photogenic

This are just few of my snapshots... am I following my moms foot steps? From this shots, looks like im going to be a model too...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

say "love you mommy!"

We were hanging out together just watching tv and eating tons of gelatin, i thought of recording her voice, just anyhting she will say. I realized this is also one of the ways that i can forever keep her memories as a baby.. So i asked her to sing.. and she sang.. i asked her to count and she counted.. i asked her to say lots of other thing.. and she did.. but when i asked her to say "love you mommy!" she didnt say a word.. she just kept silent but automatically hugged and kissed me, as if saying,
mommy i dont have to say it, just look into my eyes, feel my touch and listen to
my heart..

From that I realized, i dont have to record her voice. Her voice, her memories, will be forever in my heart just like how she stores her feelings for me in her heart.

for my little baby this is whats inside my heart, i dont have to say it outloud
its forever and ever will be screaming I LOVE YOU!!!

secret codes and translations

having a two year old daughter who is just starting to learn how speak, everyday is an adventure.. more often than not she would say things that are not audible enough to understand. There are words that she would imitate without even understanding what it means..(even the "bad" words). Most of her vocabulary she gets from the tv commercials.. oh.. she particularly likes commercials.. these are just few of jea's "codes" in no particular order.

ice cream = "mimem" / "imem"
gelatin = "in-in"
open = "opun"
thank you = "chu-chu"
help = "elp"
jp = "bay-pi"
milk = "me-melk" / "me-met"
sleep = "sip"
chocolate = "late"
hot = "enet"
coke = "kok"
pee = "wiwi"
rice ="wise"
eat = "et"
nicole = "kol"
mommy = "mom----ee"
dog = "wog"
jesus = "jus"
yehey = "hey-yey"
high rise = "ay--yise"
hindi = "indi!"

other words that doesnt need translation as of may 9, 2007