Friday, May 30, 2008

I signed for Payperpost

I've been blogging for about a year now and its only now that I learned that i can actually earn from it. Its so easy to join PAYPERPOST I just registered answer a few questions. Simple things like username, password, email address and so on. You may have to describe about your blog and that's it. In a few days you'll receive an email that you just been approved. I'm really surprised on how easy it is.

Im so excited to write about all sort of things. Im excited to get so many assignments. This is really fun, you can get paid just by writing about your opinions on certain stuff. Everybody can do this. Everybody can actually earn from blogging and I even thought it was so hard.

drive traffic

So many are into blogging now a days, especially here in the Philippines. Pinoys just love to chat, write and join so many social networking in the internet. Since the Philippines has been one of the most involved in techie stuff and gadgets, that's why we are nicknamed "text capital" of the world, because Filipinos like technology. About 40million Filipinos have cellphones, even the streetvendors or janitors.

Blogging is the next wave, this is the new fad that everyone will surely get into. Not a bad thing if we have PAYPERPOST. This does not only a past time to Filipino bloggers but we can actually earn from it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Mahangin ba sa labas?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Preschool Dilema #2

Ok here I go again...the other day my boss talked to me regarding my new assignment. Although he has been telling me his plans from the time that he hired me i never thought that this will happen soon. Again he asked me if it would be alright if he will assign me to go abroad, just a few days to market the company. Of course who wouldnt like that. I was wishing for that too, to travel everywhere. But i really didnt think that its true or its gonna happen that fast. I thought it will take about a year or so, but yesterday when we talked, he said he will fast track my training to do just that. Its like a crash course on everything, everything there is to know in running an architectural firm. Its a good break for me, it like a dream come true. To be given a chance for this opportunity is really an honor. Im happy and grateful but then, there is a little problem called "Jea".

On my way home i was thinking, if I leave for a week or so who will bring her to school, who will fetch her. Now it hits me back. I really like Kiddo Academy for Jea, but if its going to be too difficult for her or fro whoever will take care of her on my absense i might have to settle for the school in our area. My option is to find a school service that I can trust or ask my cousin who is a taxi driver to bring and fetch her from school. At least she knows him and wouldnt be bother if he will the one to fetch her. I really hope I can find a solution. I still want her to study in Kiddo Academy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My memory box

I watched Indiana Jones last night and i really loved it. Jea cant come with us because she will get scared of the loud sound effects. I'm a little nostalgic because Indiana Jones is a part of my childhood. I watch all 4 of the installments. All in different medium in Betamax, VHS, tv(on replay) and now in the movie house. Made me realize that this in one of the things that I'd like to share to my daughter. All the 4 movies dates a part of my childhood, and a part of history. Something that she may never experience. Something that she may never see. So i thought id like to buy dvd's of all 4 Indiana Jones movies and save it for later when shes old enough not to be scared. I figured i can make a Memory Box where I can keep all the treasures in my generation to share to her. Id like to watch all the dvd's with her and tell her what i felt some 20 or more years before. Its something that I will cherish and share to her on her generation.

I'm pretty sure 15 years from now it will be a lot different, as different from my parents. Hopefully this will explain so much more to her of what I've been through in my generation. Hopefully this will be a link for the two of us. Hopefully this will give a better understanding and appreciation of the past for me and for her.

So to all of you.. id like to start a tag. The Memory Box tag. Think of something that you treasure about your childhood, of your past that you would like to share with your kids. I'm sure it will be fun to reminisce.

Im tagging : swirlbaby,

The first item in my memory box:

Indiana Jones DVD's

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I love the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont care what the critic say, they might be looking for something else. In my opinion it delivered what i expected of it. It has the same excitement, action, effects, romance and comedy of the first 3 installments.

Ok, honestly, i didnt want to see it at first. I stayed late in the office for 2 consecutive nights and I really want to pass on the movie to spend some quality time with my little girl. But i had to go and accompany my mom. You bet im glad i did. When i left the cinema, i had a smile up to my ears. Its as if im 7 or 8 years old again, feeling the same awe as my first glimpse of the hero about 18 years ago.

I love the fact that this sequel ties all the other 3 before it. It gives a nostalgic flair that brings you back to your childhood. Some of the characters of the previous ones either emerge again here or is somehow linked in the plot. I would still like it better if Sean Connery is still in the cast. The storyline is a classic plot that the 3 Indy films portray. Looking for some ancient artifact that if somebody gets it gives either vast wealth or emmense knowledge that can give deeper realization of our past and what the future has instore for us. It has the same ancient setting with secret passages and clever keypoints that gains Indy entrance to ancient chambers where treasures or enemies await them. Where he tries to read hierogliphics and legends that he at some point studied to reach the Crystal Chamber.

" Same old same old" as Harrison Ford himself said. Yes the plot is almost the same. Yes, some of the characters is the same. Yes Harrison Ford is already old at 65, but he delivered his character very well. The movie didnt try to perseve him as a the young energetic hero as the first 3 movies. Infact they made his character to be quite obvious that he is already old, even introducing a new sidekick character to be later on revealed as his son. But for me, nobody can play Indy but Harrison Ford. Even the young actor sidekick cannot keep up with the energy and wit of the old man. For me Indiana Jones is a part of my childhood, a part of my history and eventhough they will come up with a few more installments to this, if its not by Harrison Ford its not Indiana Jones. Thay can even come up with new movies that has somehow the same plot like Tomb Raiders by Angelina Jolie or American Treasure by Nicolas Cage or the Mummy by Brendan Fraser(but i will also watch the sequel to this movie). Nothing came close to Indiana Jones, where i first got to see the pyramids, where i first got to meet Harrison Ford, and made me more curious of the ancient world and probably also the future.

And did i mention the movie is very funny too!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am a toddler

Mama suggested that I teach Jea a poem, so i looked in the net and I found one athat i like. I'll teach this to her and see whta happens..

I am a Toddler!
Submitted by: Scrapbknnapa
Author: Karen Burniston
I may be little,
I may be young,
But I have a mouth
and two healthy lungs!
Allow me to demonstrate
here on the floor....

I am a Toddler, Hear Me Roar!

I want what I want
and I want it now!
Listen to reason?
No way! No how!
In church, at the mall
or the grocery store.....

I am a Toddler, Hear Me Roar!

You may think that
I'm incorrigible,
But at times I am quite adorable!
You never know exactly what's in store....

I am a Toddler, Hear Me Roar!

-Karen Burniston

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Development stage of Toddlers

I found this site that tells the development stage of toddlers. Of course I clicked the stage for 2yr old.. but she's too advance for that. So I went to 3 yr old since she is turning 3, and she is still too advance for that. I tried 4yr old, and she is still too advance for it. So again, I went to the next level. The developmental stage for 5yr old. and here it is. Its exactly what can do in fact even more. The site only have until 5yr old, i still have to look for 6yr old, she may even belong there. Does this mean that my daughters skills are already for a 5 year older more? She is only turning 3 this June, she is 3yrs advance of her age. I am so proud, but also scared. Being too intelligent might go both ways, she may also be discriminated if she is too smart. Or she may get bored in school and lose interest. I wish I can find something that will guide me on how to support and guide her through this.

Children develop at their own pace, so it's impossible to tell exactly when yours will learn a given skill. The developmental milestones below will give you a general idea of the changes you can expect as your child gets older, but don't be alarmed if your child takes a slightly different course.


Wants to please friends -true
Wants to be like her friends- she idolize her cousin Nicole
More likely to agree to rules - she can really follow rules now as long as it is explained to her.
Likes to sing, dance, and act - always always dance when she hears music, in fact she started singing in tune since about 6months. without words of course but in tune.
Shows more independence and may even visit a next-door neighbor by herself- i think she could do this already if we only allow her to.

Emotional Milestones
Aware of gender - identify things too if it should be for girl or boy
Able to distinguish fantasy from reality - true
Sometimes demanding, sometimes eagerly cooperative -true

Cognitive Milestones

Can count 10 or more objects -true
Correctly names at least four colors -she knows red, blue, yellow,pink,black,gray, white, orange, purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow or age, blue green,
Better understands the concept of time - true
Knows about things used every day in the home (money, food, appliances)- she even know how much is the money given to her.. one time i gave her Php20 and i told her its Php50. She looked at me again and said
"mommy two, ito eh, its not 50 its 20.

She can even add and subtract already and we didn't even teach her. Its as if she's teaching herself. One time i went home with donuts and Nong-nong asked her if he could have one and her answer?
Yoko nga, eh, four lng un eh.. pagbinigay ko syo ung one... three na lng.. pag binigay ko pa ulet ung one, two nlng.. tpos if i give another one ubos na!
I'm really shocked and amazed. Another instance while in the groceries. I got 2 juice bottles and then i went back again and got two more. Then she blurted out. :
mommy 4 yan, bket four? dami ah.

Recalls part of a story- in fact she can tell the whole story
Speaks sentences of more than five words - tells a whole story nga eh..
Uses future tense - true and past tense too
Tells longer stories --whole story nga eh..
Says name and address -- true, even birthdays, mommy's name etc.


Stands on one foot for 10 seconds or longer - oo nman since 1yr old
Hops, somersaults - somersault? tambling ba un?
Swings, climbs - oo nman..
May be able to skip -oo nman!
Hand and Finger Skills --oo nman!

Copies triangle and other shapes -- oo nman!
Draws person with body --oo nman!
Prints some letters -very few pa.. im still teaching her.. i dint know that she can do this already..
Dresses and undresses without help --hehe.. oo nman! different strategy nga lng..
Uses fork, spoon, and (sometimes) a table knife -- oo nman since 1.5 yr old
Usually cares for own toilet needs -- oo nman.. she goes to the bathroom by herself, pulls herself up the watercloset, wash, dry and dress up again.. since 1.8yr old.

How do I identify a gifted child?

Q: How do I identify a gifted child?

A: To recognize if a child is gifted, there are numerous characteristics that are distinct to gifted individuals and quite easily observable, especially for parents. The following description would give a rough indication of these characteristics.

By the broad category of giftedness, characteristic traits are listed as general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, creative thinking and production, leadership, psychomotor ability, visual and performing arts. More specifically, if your child demonstrate about three quarter of the following characteristic traits, it is likely that s/he is gifted.

Variety of Interests
Excellent memory
Long attention span
Unusual curiosity
Persistence in attacking difficult mental tasks
Creative ability/Divergent thinking skills
Good problem solving/reasoning abilities
Rapid learning ability
Leadership qualities
High degree of energy
Above average language development
Early/avid reader
Preference for older/matured companions
Unusual emotional depth and intensity
Heightened sensitivity
Non-conformity behavior
Above average ability with numbers/jigsaw puzzles
Keen powers of observation
Vivid imagination
Good sense of humor
Sense of justice and moral sensitivity
Apparent maturity in judgment

Researches on giftedness indicate that the best way to identify giftedness in your child is by carefully observing his behavior, not by formal testing of IQ especially if the child is very young. The best age to do an IQ test is still debatable. I suppose, as soon as the child is able to read/write and understand questions; s/he may be able to do such tests without much bias. Most of the indicators of giftedness become evident even before a child turns one! So perhaps that's when you may be able to look out for some of the indications listed above. However, do be aware that your child may not necessary be gifted in all areas.

On intelligence testing, the accuracy of an IQ test is still questionable. Nevertheless, it is still the single best predictor to test general intelligence. Intelligence and giftedness are not synonymous - as thought by many. Gifted individuals have different abilities, talents, and personalities. Even so, a sizeable proportion of the individuals categorized as gifted are distinguished from their non-gifted counterparts by virtue of superior general intelligence, which is measured by intelligence tests. This is how giftedness becomes associated with intelligence.

A note of caution, some parents tend to want to believe that their child is "gifted" as it may associate one with the pool of elitist, especially so within a competitive society. This may lead them to "force" giftedness upon their child, forgetting other aspects of development, especially their affective needs. With proper nurturing and access to educational materials, children would be seen to perform, but if their emotional and physical needs were not met, these children would be at risk of burning out.

Then, to turn the tables around would be rather difficult and requires a great deal of effort as the damage is already done during the critical age of growing. Hence, give your child what you believe would help him/her make the most of his/her abilities, but at the same time allow your child to enjoy growing. Focus on your child's strengths, at the same time pay attention to his/her weak areas and get help.

Believe that every child may not meet the early sign of gifted characteristics that are listed, but every child is special in his/her own way - focus on that specialty and you would be nurturing a well-rounded and emotionally stable child.


Since my blog is the top search for google and yahoo i felt responsible in giving the right introduction for Kiddo Academy. First and foremost I am not in anyway connected to the management of Kiddo Academy, nor do I get any special treatment for writing about them nor do i get paid. I am just a mother of a student there, in fact its still yet to be seen since I just enrolled my daughter for this school year. For what I've seen I like it very much. So I just write it in my blog like any other experience of my daughter's life. So instead of giving my personal opinions on it this is what the brochure states. I'll just simply copy it from the brochure.

Kiddo Academy and Development Center
2nd Level G.A. Tower 1, EDSA, Mandaluyong city
Telephone: 7471383 / 7471375
Contact Person: Teacher Jo

You can also say that you're reffered by: JP Espino, hopefully you'll still get the 20% discount

Vision: It envisions to be recognized as an intitution renowned for the excellent approach to strengthen the foundations of the young minds with emphasis to the academic values and spiritual values in pursuit of excellence and wellness.

Mission It commits itself to create opportunities for the children of today to learn and explore the world around them utilizing innovative, attractive and interesting equipment, materials and instructional methodology to be renowned as the international centr for childrens wellness and academic excellence.

Enrollment Fees: Please call their office(its written in the brochure but its better to talk to them to get discount, just tell them that JP Espino referred you)

Note: Enrollment is inclusive of free membership to the Big Playroom, free art materials, close supervison of the in-house kid proffesionals, medical support services, patient's bed, back up emrgency vehicles, pediatric consultations (by appointment), bathing facilites and yaya care, 100% child friendly facilities, free access to CCTv (Close circuit television surveilance) which allows you to see your kid in all rooms of the school in real time over the internet and much more:

Other things about Kiddo (not stated in brochure) you need to visit to see:

Facilities include:
1. Performance room- with huge TV, stage, and 3 computers

2. Separate Classrooms per level so there's 3 or 4.

3. Yaya or guardian waiting area

Other plus:

- School supplies are included in the tuition fee

- Very, very afordable rates (if you can still avail of the 20% discount, which I did)

- Very, very nice payment schemes, as low as 5,000 downpayment.

- very cute uniforms

- They offer full day or intensive class. In which they teach, and take care of your kids from 7am to 6pm. No need for yaya...

- shuttle service also available

Others I still have to see... so please continue reading my blogs for the updates..

My little school girl

I still cant believe that Jea will go to school already. I think Im more excited than her and at equal amount more scared than her. This afternoon after enrolling her at Kiddo Academy we went to SM MAkati. We went through a lot of first today. First enrollment. First MRT ride. First shopping of school stuff. Just looking at the shoes, uniform, school bags instantly brings me to the fairytale land. As if seeing Jea in her first class. I think I will cry. I got teary eyed on her trial class. Im just too proud.

We rode the MRT from Boni to AYala. She always wanted to ride the MRT since she always see it. She really wanted to experience riding the train. So this is the day that we finally did that. Going up to station, she was so curious, im little scared since I know its a public place with lots of people. I dont know if her fare is free so we ask..and it is. Upon entering I asked her to go under the turnstile while we insert our card for access. She asked why she didnt get to use the card and I told her because she is still a little girl that her pass is free. Writing it now I should have told her that she is special and she doesnt have to pay...hehe.. We waited for a while foe a train to come, so shes so anxious asking every minute where is the train already why its taking too long. 5 minutes was as if an hour for her. When the train came, I carried her in. I didnt expect for it to be filled since its a satureday but it is, we're still lucky its not that packed. So as we go in I put her down and asked her to hold on to the bars like me. She asked why are we standing. I told her because all the seats are taken. The lady beside us offered her seat, thank you so much. So she sat there looking at me and holding on to my hand tightly. In minutes we already reached out destination, so when we get off she asked me why to we have to go down she wants too stay in the train. So told her that we are going to Mcdonalds. On our way out, she went under the turnstile again. She had fun I know she did.

Then we went to SM Makati, first stop was Toy Kingdom, i was looking at the school bags while she has her eyes on the bikes. But we left immediately to go to Mcdo, we ordered HAppy Meal chicken nuggets and 1 pc chicken. She got two toys. She's so hungry na pala. She didnt eat breakfast, just 3 pcs or cookies, didnt even had milk. Because of that she finished everything, the 1 pc chicken and 1 cup rice plus 3pc chicken nuggets. I got to eat 2 pcs of nuggets and a few bites of the chiken. After eating mama has to leave for her meeting so we are left to do our shopping.

First we bought socks. Very cheap, just Php12500 for 3 sets of Osh Kosh, another pair of Dora socks for Php 70.00. And of course after the socks we bought shoes. Also very cheap at PHP300.00 pesos only. I really like it, trying it on her send me back to the fairytale land again. Its really nice and she got to pick it herself. Good fashion sense. Then, we went back to Toy Kingdom, since I promise her that we will go back. We got her 4th Magneting sketh pad and some flash cards. She really wanted the Toaster and kettle but I managed to distract her. Thank God!

Jea's Wish List

actually this is Mommy's wishlist for Jea...

Let's start with the obvious

1. For Jea to grow up to be a wonderful, intelligent, loving, confident, god fearing person.
2. For Jea to feel loved and contented on what she has and whatever she will become.
To be loved and find the greatest love who will love her as much as she loves him, something that I never got.
3. Good health.
4. Harmonious and loving family.
5. Peace of mind.

This list could go on... i think this should be under dreams...

For the shallow ones, I asked her what gift does she wants to get for her birthday. So shout out for family and friends....hehehe..
1. A kitchen playset for Chef Sheffy...(mommy will give this to Jea)
2. Drum... the musical one.. same as the one she saw in one of her barnie videos
3. A new bike. I kept on asking her why does she need another one, she already has one and her answer? Eh..gusto ko pa isa eh.. Dapat dalawa!
4. The art kit in Toy Kingdom complete with the tray, colors, papers.. everything..
5. More cooking stuff...she kept on asking me to buy the toaster and kettle set..
6. A toy cash register.
7. School bag.
8. Lots of stickers.
9. Some little girl make-up. Kikay!
10. PSP

Kiddo Academy

This are some of pictures of Jea at Kiddo Academy on her first trial class. All of the pictures are inside the playroom. We can see that it has a huge playroom, but dont be mislead its not all play. She also had so much fun in class. She didnt even realize that she's also learning. I'll try to upload the "lesson" if i figured how to convert it since its in video.

Friday, May 16, 2008


We are going to Kiddo Academy tomorrow to enroll Jea. You see although its too far from home, it is still the best option. It has good facilties and the fee is affordable. I know that Jea is very excited. This morning she went to take a bath early and ate her breakfast. Usually she will be awake at 6am but would not get off the bed, she will just watch cartoons as she finished her milk.

She is so excited to go to school, that she cooperates to practice our early routine. She sleeps early and wakes up early. Get up and take a bath. She constantly ask if she can go to school already. Often times upon waking up she would ask if she can go too. I'll ask her, where will she go and she would always answer school.

I went to a lot of preschools from the class A to class E. Ive seen almost all kinds, traditional, progressive, eclectic. But when I saw Kiddo Academy I told myself that this is it. My parents doesnt agree with me only because its too far. We live in Manila and the school is in Mandaluyong.

Actually I found another good school near our area its Little Presidents Learning Palace in San Miguel, near MAlacanang. Its a 4 storey building that has complete facilities. Honestly, judging on the play equipment, and facilities I think its a really good school. The first teacher who presented to us did very well but the second one, had difficulty speaking in english and she's suppose to be the principal. From there as if the fairytale was gone. No matter how beautiful are the facilities if the teacher is not good enough it wouldnt do any good. It even cost twice as much as Kiddo's. Another thing that made me think otherwise is that they dont offer trial class. In my mind I was thinking that its just show off. They will present you all the good things at first but once your there you'll be dissapointed. This is just my opinion. I have nothing against LPLP, its is just what I have observed. Hopefully Im wrong.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


ito and una kong lahok sa litratong pinoy... Sapagkat ang blog na ito ay patungkol sa buhay buhay at mga kakaibang pangyayari sa buhay na aking anak ay minarapat kong ilahok ang litratong ito. Bagamat hindi ito diretsong ngpapakita ng pagapoy ay maihahalintulad ko nman sa apoy ang sidhi na ngmumula sa saloobin ng aking anak ng kunan ko and litratong ito.

Nagaapoy sa sama ng loob!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Birthday Gift

Ok.. we have decided not to have a party. Instead we will just go on a picnic. Kids nowadays doesnt know what picnics are and Id like Jea to experience that. So we are going to Lamesa Eco Park on her birthday. It will be a good chance for us to go back to nature. We can learn lots of things from there. We will be inviting her cousins Daf and Aira to join us so that she have playmates with her. They can run around and enjoy the sites. We can also bring some arts and craft project for them to do. We will brings snacks and her birthday cake too.

Moreover, this will be very minimal expense for a birthday party which can leave enough money for her Birthday Gift, the Kitchen set. I already went to Robinsons Pioneer for a quotation, and im happy that it will only cost me less than thousand. I will just give them the exact measurements and have the materials precut and ready for finishing and assembly at home. I will just ask papa to help me with it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 1

Taken December 31, 2005

Wordless Wdenesday trial on a Tuesday

Are we ready for school?

As I was on my way home last night, im thingking of Jea's first day at school. Will I able to leave her the whole day? Will she be ok? I plan to accompany her only in the morning then leave for the afternoon after lunch, then just fetch her at 6pm. Her class schedule is whole day. Kiddo's "intensive program" whereas the children can be left the whole day. In the morning Jea will join her regular class, and take a nap after lunch then some supplementary class after that, it can be reading, art or anything she likes.

I opted for a whole day class since, id like to be the one to fetch her from school. Kiddo Academy is far from our home, so it would be hard to fetch her at school by the yaya. I thought it would actually be good for her, instead of spending half day with yaya at home. Anyway, her class is only 3times a week.

Back to the topic, with all this considerations i was wondering if we can really do this. I will bring her to school at 8am, then go to office. After that, i'll fetch her agin at 5:30, bring her to mama, then go back to work. All this without decent transportation, we will just be depending on taxi cab and MRT. It will be really exausting for me, i hope Jea can take it.

To Party or not to Party...

... that is the question..

For Jea's 3rd birthday, if i were to choose i really dont like to have a party. There's just too much hassle and mess. So, instead of having a party, im thinking of giving her a really expensive gift, at least for my standard...

Id like to give her a kitchen playset since she really loves to pretend to be a Chef. I know she will definitely love it. In fact instead of buying one id like one to me made for her. I want it to be constructed inside the cabinet in the living room. Its just the right size for her. And we can just close it up when she's done playing. I think I still have to shell out around Php 2000. But thats ok instead of a birthday party which will cost more. This can also train her to play in one area only and not to scatter all her toys around the house.

Now, my mission is to go to Robinsons Pioneer, Handyman to ask for an estimate. Hope it will not be over my budget.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I went home late last friday since there was a party in the office. I didnt expect Jea to be awake. When I got home, my mom was really mad it me because i wasnt answering the phone. It turned out that Jea is still awake and waiting for me because she has a gift to give. When I rang the bell at the gate, I instantly heard Jea say Mommy!!! In a few seconds she's there in front of me, even faster than yaya. So she kissed me and lead me to the door. As we go inside she whispered "Mommy, happy mother's day!" I was surprised. I kissed her again and said Thank You!. Then she grabbed my hand and lead me to the kitchen, opened the ref and took the box of doughnuts.

With a note on it "Happy Mothers Day from Jea" , of course its my mom who wrote the message but what touched me is the reaction on her face upon giving it to me. She was so excited to give the gift that she stayed up so late. She greeted me and hugged me over and over saying "mommy love you".

I especially want to thank not just Jea but also my mom. Since it is her idea to do that. It truly is a remarkable event that showed how much a mother loves their kid. Me with my daughter and my mom's love to me. She is so selfless to think of telling Jea to greet me happy mother's day than, giving herself imporatnce as she is also such a great mother. Maybe more than I can ever be. So for you MAMA!! Happy Mothers Day! You are not just a good mother to me and kuya, but continously gives more love to my daughter Jea, and for ever we will be greatful.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tagging -To Do's

I wasnt tagged by anybody but id like to try it out. I found this fromabie's blog

BUSY PEOPLE: 1.) my chopsuey 2.) mind bubbles 3.) vanity kit 4.) somethingpurple 5.) a detour 5.) women xplore 6.) princes bela 7.) our journey to life 8.) my planet purple 9.) sweetprettynaughty

1.) Plan for Jea's Party. (if we are going to have one)
2.) Shop for school supplies.
3.) Finish the layout for Jea's Photobook.
4.) Call Mr. Carpio to follow on the designs.
5.) Go to kiddo Academy for the enrollment.

I tagged 4 of my friends and abie's friend where she got this tag from...

Lets see if anybody will take time to try this out... Hopefully they will

What are your to dos: owie, ems, erin, raissa, amelia

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Party for Three....Here it goes again...

We are at the time of the year that I have to plan another birthday party, sure... time really does fly...I just uploaded the pictures for Jea's 2nd birthday now I have to plan a new one.

Ok i really have tight budget this year since, Jea is also be enrolling in school this June. I want to have a simple party that the kids can enjoy. I figured I can just set up a playdate for the kids. The theme for this year would be Teddy Bear since, this year Jea developed a special fondness to teddy bears. Special her special friend "Pink bear". She cant sleep without it. My plan is to have it in a venue where the kids can enjoy. This is all for the kids. Its a "childrens party" right? So id like to have a simple cake made of cupcakes. Then the decorations would be, what else but teddy bears. If i can still afford it I would also like to give away small teddy bears as souvenirs. For activity I can give out cup cakes for each of the kids and let them decorate it themselves. For games we can do a dress up your teddy. I can make shirts, hats and booties, whoever finish first will get a gift.

For snacks i would like to have finger foods only. Maybe pizza or rolled sandwhich in bite size only. No messy spaghetti. I can add up some chicken lollipops. For dessert they can eat their cupcakes. The problem would be the food for adults, sandwhich and cupcake would not suffice. Im thinking or serving Pizza too and chicken, some mojos. I can just order from pizza hut.

Friday, May 2, 2008

First Class

April 24, 2008

First Trial Class
Kiddo Academy

The night before I already told Jea that she is going to school the next day. I thought it will not push through since she has high fever that night. She was so sick that she vomitted a few times. I was all eyes on her, I kept watch all night. I kept on telling her that she has to be well tomorrow if she wants to go to school. I kept her motivated so she would cooperate in taking her medicines, and she did. The next morning, I checked on her at 5am. She still has a little fever. But at 7am she was already active and so excited to go to school. So we prepared to go to school. I brought lots of clothes and milk good for 3 bottles. She had juice for baon. She was so excited that she wanted to go down as early as 8am. I told her that we still have to wait for Nangnang Pau because she will join us. But Jea insisted. Pau and Kuya arrived arround 8:30 and we got a taxi immediately.

It was s long ride, and Jea was so active and attentive. She wont take off her backpack for she said she might forget it in the taxi. She also kept on reminding us that we should hang on to our bags. We are all anxious on what will happen. When we reached GA Tower, Jea and Pau are already impressed by the lobby and we patiently waited for the elevator.

When we got in, Pau liked it already. Jea was a little quiet, maybe nervous of the new sorroundings. So we went to the office and I asked teacher Jo if she can have her trial class today. She said ok, but it will start at 10:30am pa, we arean hour early. So we headed to the playroom first. Jea likes it so much, she pretended to be chef sheffy. Buying stuff from the groceries then cooking it in the restaurant. I was a little busy with the phone since i will turn it over to the office that affternoon. Wish i spend more time playing with Jea, rather than being preoccupied with the phone. After some time teacher Jen told us that its time for the class so the 3 of us headed to the AVR. Apparently thats where they do their circles. At first there where only 3 kids then came the others. Jea wont join them. The whole school thing and playing with other kids are so new to her. So Pau and I joined the singing hoping she would join to but she cried. So we stayed with her but still singing with the kids. At the last part she also sang a few lines.

Then, next is the class. We send her in the classroom and at first she still wanted to cry. she wont go in, she wants me with her. But teacher Jen talked to her and showed the stamps and was able to convince her to sit. We watched from the glass windows and as I saw Jea sitting in the chair with teacher and other kids I realized that it is her first class. That indeed shes already a big girl. I got teary eyed at that point. So we watched her, paint all the macaroni answering the teacher and talking to the other kids. Slowly she got comfortable and started to have fun. She made Pink Macaroni necklace.