Friday, April 24, 2009

Aggregator here I come!!

Have you heard of Aggregator? It is the new thing in blogging, I have read a lot of blog aggregators by If only I had more time for blogging I should have known this for quite sometime. This new thing on the net is very interesting. More and more bloggers are joininng in. I joined already and I am having fun getting to know more about it.

I really wish I have more time to blog again. I miss blogging, I miss my blogger friends, heck I even miss plurk. But I also love what I do, I love my profession, I love being an architect. I love that I can still find people who actually respect architects, what we do, what we are trying to share to them. I am happy to meet such wonderful clients, they are so nice and they even pay almost immediately, that is maybe so because I charge really low. I am not complaining about my really low charge, I am just happy to practice my profession again.

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