Saturday, April 18, 2009

Web hosting at its best!

Are you looking for a web host? I dont know much about website hosting but I know that this site is a good one. I don't mind paying for services that will give me peace of mind. For me the standard or quality for services or pratically anything is not negotiable. Just like how I deal with my clients. I try to give more that what they expect of me. I give them more than the ask for. For me that is the best sign that they will be happy regarding my work.

Eventhough I charge a very reasonable price for my services, I still give them more than what their money's worth. I get out of my way to help them out with all assistance they need. Just like today, I had a meeting with the contractors to clarify some things about the project. They didn't know about this process so I go out of my way even on my full packed schedule to set a meeting with the contractors, to help them out and guide them on the project. I I am only after the money I will not bother do this, I even do the follow up and the supplier research, because my clients doesn't know a thing about construction so I guide them every step of the way.

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