Sunday, April 26, 2009

J and J Adventure Girls Day!

This day we had a very long and tiring day. J & J adventure is sort of an extended family affair. We went to a baptism today, my cousins's son. Just the girls, my mom, my sil, little J and me. The event eneded at 1pm, so we have the car and we decided to take it for a ride and of course, the more the marrier. We asked my Aunt's to join i with fun. Mama Tess, Mama Gina and Tita Aira. My Aunt's and my 5 year old cousin. So off we went, from Q.C. we went all the way to Fort High Streets, Tita Tess hasn't been there. First stop Contis, eventhough we just came form a feast from the baptism, we just cannot pass on the opportunity that there is no line in front of Contis. So we grab the opportunity to snak on Mango Bravo.

Aira wants to go to rides, bump cars specifically, but of course there is no ride there. So I thought of bringing them to a kids haven. A store full of toys at very affordable prices. I discovered this store a few months ago, when I was supervising some construction work on Krispy Kreme Fort. Its a store full of toys the sme as in Divisoria at same prices, the difference is that there is no dirty muddy streets, no ocean of people around, and aircon. It is called Edengs Toys, so if you are on the look out for very affordable toys or some loots for an upcoming birthday and wants to stay away from the hassle of smelly, dirty Divisoria this is the place to go. A whole bunch of loots already in a set cost onlky Php35 this set already includes a coloring book, pencil, a box of crayon, sharpener and cute eraser.

I bought little J a bunch of clay, a noisy phone toy, pack of 6 of towels at 75 only. Some bubble toys at 10 each, and a set of cute little furnitures for Aira. All in just 200. Cool huh? After that we went to Fort High Streets and off to Kirspy Kreme. WHat do you know! the holight is on. Does all of you know that if the Red Light is on that means you can get FREE newly cooked, original glazed doughnut, the only thing to do is just fall in line. We all got one each, and little J and Aira, much on it in just a few seconds. Another thing all moms should know about Krispy Kreme is that you can have your kids make their own doughnut. It is a lot of fun and they feel so proud of themselves for making one. All stores offer this, you just have to ask!. So the crew asked the manager and the 4 of us, little J, Aira, Tita Gina and me got us a Krispy Kreme paper hat and we are led to the doughnut factory. Little J and Aira got a doughnut each and the crew taught them on how to make a doughnut! They both wore gloves and got one doughtnut each then they dipped the doughnut into the chocolate glaze and put some sprinkles. After that they are so proud of what they have done. If you can only see how their eyes sparkle, again the 2 doughnuts they made are FREE. So that mean we got 5 origianl glazed doughnut free, and additional 2 choco sprinkled doughnuts free. So let your kids experience this and have whole lot of fun and lot of sweet delights to share.

Then we took a ride in the tricyle, its nice all 7 of us fits in it too. Again this is FREE, you may just want to give a tip to the driver. The kids enjoyed it a lot, we just went around highstreets, back to the parking lot. So this is the end of a long tiring but nevertheless FUN Jand J Adventures.

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pau said...

I enjoyed a lot too!!! =) it was a very hot day but the company were so cool!! =) Full of laughter and lots of fun!